Oops… The actor Miles Teller has (a little) missed his proposal of marriage

Actor Miles Teller at the 32nd ceremony of the Film Independent Spirit — WENN

Miles Teller has asked for the hand of his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry in August of last year, when they were on a safari in Africa. The actor had everything planned for his application to be perfect, only, it may be a little too complicated things.

How sweet it is to be loved by you ❤️

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“I said to the guide : “no matter where you will stand, attach a red rose to a tree and put a word on it”, which was one of my request. So, we took our coffee break, she saw the flower, but she thought there had to be a flower because someone had died in this place. She thought that it was a kind of memorial, oh my God… And I said to myself : “Read just the word !” “explained Miles Teller during his time on the set of Jimmy Fallon.

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On the word, Miles Teller before indicated two dates : one in which they are put together and that is his request. “I said to him : “This is the first day where I’ve asked you to be my girlfriend, and today is the last day where you réveillas as a small, friend” “, he explained in the show.

Forever trying to get a photo without a phillies hat on. Missing the rum shacks of the Seychelles 🇸🇨 🍹🌺

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And if Miles Teller had the idea to hang a red rose to a tree to make his request, it is for a good reason. “She watches The Bachelorette and this kind of issue so it had the feeling of having won because she had a rose, she had found the rose,” added the actor.