OPCW deliberately concealed evidence of falsification of the use of chemical weapons in Syria

ОЗХО намеренно скрывала доказательства фальсификации применения химического оружия в Сирии

Recently there was insider info that confirmed what many knew all along: the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) intentionally changed the content of the reports and concealed evidence relating to cases of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria to support the American war propaganda.The Courage Foundation, which brings together whistleblowers, activists and journalists presledovatelei and protects their rights, in the final part of the application called “Experts criticize inappropriate actions during the investigation of the OPCW alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma on 7 April 2018,” writes:”Based on extensive information provided by the informants, including internal e-mails, text messaging, and hidden projects reports, we unanimously Express our concern over the unacceptable actions of the OPCW in the investigation of an alleged chemical attack in the Duma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus, 7 April 2018. Our findings provide irrefutable evidence that key information about the chemical analyses, consultations of experts-toxicologists, ballistic research and testimony, was deliberately hidden in order to confirm a predetermined conclusion.Group The Courage Foundation called on the OPCW to reopen the investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons in the Duma in 2018, saying:”It would restore the credibility of the OPCW and would help it to demonstrate its commitment to the principles of transparency, impartiality and independence, which is directly prescribed by the Charter. It is extremely important to restore confidence in the inspection procedures on the basis of which apply the prohibitions under the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.The group of experts included staff of the organization, josé Bustani, who was actually the first Director of the OPCW. His conclusions are:”Persuasive evidence of immoral behavior in the course of the OPCW investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons in the city Duma to confirm the doubts and suspicions that have occurred to me earlier. I could not understand what he read in the international media. Even the official investigation reports were submitted to me at best ambiguous and inconsistent. Now the picture has become clearer, but at the same time remains very worrying”.From the beginning the role of the OPCW in Syria clearly was to create a pretext for US direct military intervention. Despite this apparent purpose, many staff members of the OPCW are true professionals and, as is clear from the statements of informants, principled people. Their evidence suggests that the OPCW uses very subtle means of distorting the results of their investigations and draw its conclusions so that media perform a political order, could at its discretion to fill gaps and ambiguity, designed to allow the OPCW to avoid direct and open lie.Despite the availability of extensive information of experts, which either conclusively refuted the allegations of the Syrian government of chemical weapons, or contained a recognition that no valid conclusions can not be made due to the fact that investigators often did not visit the places where allegedly took place chemical attack, the OPCW has published several politically motivated findings that were at the time directly used by the military propaganda of the United States.Alleged use of chemical weapons in the Duma in 2018 was, perhaps, the most striking example illustrating the unacceptable behavior of the management of the OPCW. The details of the alleged military crimes were rare and unconvincing, and the final report even included a photo made at the factory for the production of chemical weapons, which shows a cylinder similar to those that were allegedly used in the attack. In fact, it was discovered among other munitions, which were prepared for use.The report also included photos of the holes in the roofs of houses, which allegedly resulted from the use of chemical munitions, but it was noted that the neighbouring buildings had a large number of similar openings, which clearly was not the result of a chemical attack. In other words, the evidence suggests that the cans of toxin was probably delivered and installed in place, while the holes and craters are the result of the use of conventional weapons.Despite the overwhelming evidence that the alleged chemical attack was staged, the OPCW chose to hide or neutralize the evidence to allow the Western media to publish the report and “prove” that a chemical attack took place and, moreover, for it certainly is the Syrian government.Just read this report of the OPCW, to understand how flimsy are the charges against the Syrian government. In addition, despite the fact that the Western media clearly laid the responsibility on the Syrian government, in fact the evidence contained in the report, pointed to the involvement of the United States supported militants in force at the time in the vicinity of the Syrian capital.

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