Open a previously unknown species of ancient pandas

Открыт ранее неизвестный вид древней панды

Geneticists have discovered a new species of pandas, examining the remains of the animal, who died about five thousand years ago.

Bones found on the territory of modern China. Ancient beast fell into a deep pit and couldn’t get out. Interestingly, he lived hundreds of miles away from the places where today’s Panda.

For several millennia the remains accumulated a lot of germs. But experts were still able to conduct a DNA analysis and found that dealing with a representative of the genetically unique group, distinct from other pandas, according to

“What is our life? Game!”Открыт ранее неизвестный вид древней панды“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” the Discovery also shows that in the past, pandas were much more common, but with time, its habitat has shrunk.

The study authors noted that the extinction of species leads to irreversible loss of genetically diverse groups.

Even if the population survives, it retains only part of its former genetic treasures.

However, in the case of pandas, the situation is not so bad, said the biologist from Potsdam University (Germany) Dr. Barlow.

Studies have shown that the extinct lines before his disappearance interbred with the ancestors of today’s pandas.

As a result, the animals remained a part of the gene pool, and this can help them to evolve and adapt to a changing environment.

Historically the giant Panda was widespread in the territories from Northern China to southwest Asia. But now it inhabits only a few areas in the Eastern part of the Tibetan plateau.

Until 2016 pandas are considered an endangered species, but then, thanks to the conservation efforts of the species became “endangered”. In the wild there are about two thousand individuals.

Pandas are not too eager to breed in captivity, and therefore in certain cases employees of zoos have resorted to artificial insemination.