Open lists and the abolition of a mazhoritarka. As elections will be held under the new electoral code

Открытые списки и отмена мажоритарки. Как будут проходить выборы по новому избирательному кодексу

The electoral code, adopted today, taking into account proposals of President Vladimir Zelensky, brings a number of innovations in the electoral system.

A document published on the Council website, introduces in Ukraine the proportional electoral system with open regional lists. Ukrainians will vote both for the party and for a particular candidate in the list of political forces.

The code abolishes the vote for the Parliament in single-mandate constituencies. The party will propose a national list of candidates. The first nine will remain in it, and the rest is distributed via the regional lists, which should be from five to 17 people.

The constituency has remained the same is region of Ukraine. While Kiev will be divided into two districts – the left and right banks, and the latest to join another foreign County. Share will and Dnipropetrovsk oblast – Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog district. Thus, Kherson region, Crimea and Sevastopol will join the southern district.

At the same time, the code removed the ability to remove a candidate from the race after the law enforcement officers sent information about it to the Central election Commission for violation of the law.

In addition, when forming party lists poltically now must be respected gender balance: in each of the five candidates should be at least two people of each sex.

Recall that of the electoral code ruled out the possibility of the withdrawal of candidates from the election by the letter of the SBU.

Also “Country” wrote about how the Parliament wanted to extend the law with the right of the SBU not to let election candidates and why this has not yet happened.

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