Opening postponed for the “contactless” Pasino de la Grande Motte

    Opening postponed for the “contactless” Pasino de la Grande Motte

    With an establishment shut down since early November, the manager of Pasino de la Grande Motte has imagined an alternative: create a Drive. And Benjamin Abou is very proud of his concept. In the parking lot, 17 tents have sprung up. Inside, it will be possible to park a car there before accessing private gaming machines.

    One of the 17 tents on Pasino Drive de la Grande Motte © Radio France
    – Valentin BERTRAND

    But the “new” concept should not meet its audience in early January, despite a major communication campaign.

    The order of things was to have the authorization of our supervisory authority (the gaming police, editor’s note), the town hall and finally the Prefecture for a possible derogatory opening request.

    However, the prefecture has not yet given the green light. Benjamin Abou takes his side:

    We will not open in any case without the validation of the Prefect.

    In the meantime, these are 200,000 euros invested in the rental of tents and their wiring. Gaming machines, which come from the existing casino. Despite this delay in ignition, the priority was not to miss the boat of a possible reopening:

    We didn’t get too far ahead, we just adapted to (government) announcements, thinking that the casinos would reopen and that we would open our drive at the same time.

    Convinced of his proposal, the director said he was ready to wait for the situation to unblock:

    It is beyond money. It’s a question of development and experimentation because I think this model has a future beyond the current period.

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