Operation charm of the Etchemins to attract entrepreneurs

Opération charme des Etchemins pour attirer des entrepreneurs

The MRC des Etchemins out tickets to attract among it entrepreneurs in several sectors of activities with grants totaling$2.4 Million.

“With us, we will find you the place and the workforce,” says the prefect of the MRC, Richard Couet, with the intention of business leaders he invited to settle on its territory or to start an expansion project of a company already established.

In response to the crisis of the COVID-19, the MRC is launching these days the third phase of a recovery plan that it had started in 2017. It aims to attract local entrepreneurs and the outside world. The grants are available for any development project, large-scale project in the maple industry, forestry, and recreational tourism activities, or project enhancement of local services.

“Flexibility and efficiency”

“It is very attractive and is very open to new entrepreneurs. They just have to contact us. They will see that there is a flexibility and efficiency, which is frightening!”

Mr. Couet argued that the forest resource is omnipresent on the territory, the labour is available and the area is conveniently located near the u.s. border, which is a valuable asset for a company that plans to export.

Land available

The industrial land is also very accessible. “In the industrial park that it was in Saint-Prosper, we are going to pay as little as 30 cents a square foot, for an example there. A price much lower than what it costs in Quebec city or Lévis, where plots of land are a rare commodity, says the prefect.

The MRC stands out with this way of doing things, ” says Couet, who is also mayor of Saint-Prosper. “We became the only MRC that has a special funding for the economic recovery. It is sure that it gives us an advantage over other CRMS.”

The recovery plan was implemented in 2017 by the Ministry of municipal Affairs and had a total budget of$ 5.2 Million. Already, during the first two phases, it has supported twenty projects that have created and retained 266 jobs.

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