Operation “Valkyrie has arrived”

Операция «Валькирия приехала»

Yesterday was powerful and patoine. But something went wrong. To me, most importantly, on the eve of the dream. Had heard of the group “Leningrad”. Like all burned in the house with chimeras which is opposite the President’s Office. Zelenski, Bogdan and Sobchak. Then, still burned Parubiy, Avakov, Poroshenko, Ukraine, other prominent figures “BPP”. Lesha remember. Goncharenko. Ran near the Windows and threw gas canisters. Such horror that I woke up covered in cold sweat and with an empty dish. No, well it on figs such horrors. Important: never eat at night raw tomatoes.

Although not the season, but still listen to advice. In anticipation sat down to watch the stream with space for yesterday’s events and just rides it’s not. Some dogovornyak. No, with millions of patriots who in unison came to the Maidan, everything was in order. Was, as expected, several columns. Arieste just some more than others. And then, how can UPA fighters jostle in a crowd with the “poroporoaki”? It’s a definite “pecosilla”. Therefore column’s personal guard, Poroshenko was a “National body”. They looked out for each other. Accustomed, that is to say, one trough Before “razdrogin” why Peter soft pig rushed? Because them for Svinarchuk was a shame. And now it’s different.

Peter A. again, pull up to London on urgent business. First, today there are all his friends. Second, the flash drive with the codes of Bank accounts sewn in underwear Gontareva. Gontareva in London. No it will not work to activate the next tranche of Igor. And, most importantly, get the drive fails. Valeria type considering this device as a guarantee of their security. And woman, although the former head of the national Bank, can be understood: it has in Ukraine, it’s burnt.
Car, caravan, love the gazebo and the complete works of Castaneda. Almost a first edition. Secondly, Peter A. – cunning Dickens. An alibi was provided. When the blaze office building, you know who, set on fire from four sides at once, and Mendel will run with bulky Tom sun Tzu translated into German, then no one will even think about it. Brilliant!

So Poroshenko, when NATO was cruising the party, constantly glancing at the stream Maidan. He counted the participants, mentally multiply the number of goals in 1000, then divided by the current dollar, introduced factor for the symbols and read their interest. But, the Perch, the bastard that went to liberate the Crimea. Or Minnow? Remember, the leader of the “C14” even the name of this horse. Perhaps Crucian Carp. The question is: why today, when a true patriot is literally the weight of gold, he went to see the Peninsula, and so our definition? Yes, as written IPLA knowledgeable… experts in the public, a group of Shchukar almost came to Simferopol and there was to hoist the flag of Ukraine defeated in the desecrated building of the Supreme Council of Crimea, but at the last moment began an unequal battle with the Buryat spetsnaz. Then tightened the Chechens, tanks and aircraft. Fighting the patriots were forced to retreat to the starting point, where drew on the pavement a banner with the date of the liberation of the Crimea. Yes… a True epic. As a result, the office Zelensky just pasted pieces of paper with appeals to prevent the surrender, written, sho your the Reichstag, the different words abusive content and all.

The formal abolition of the plan of “Burning the Reichstag” was the lack Zelensky. He bravely left in the white shirt “on the front”. Exactly repeated the maneuver a hardened ex-commander-in-chief. When Peter was burning, he was attached to the hip of enormous size colt, wore a spetsnaz beret, tight-fitting brain, and held a meeting in the dugout with his sister. Zelensky until the camouflage is wearing, just helmet mounts for flashlight, thermal imaging camera, a flask and a tube of toothpaste. But behaved very decently. Did not break like last time, right in Donetsk. Just changed the route, which indicates a high level of internal culture. Probably.

So Aryan two columns – one with “UPA” and “Freedom”, another with “peroxoborate” and “Ncorpus” – Putin went down the drain. Huge lot of patriots in the amount of 12 thousand people did not leave even a miserable tent.
It came down to the fact that viatrovych was the ideologue of Aryan uprising, having formulated the concept of a “ruling minority.” I have no proper education, so many of the foundations of the national-Patriotic ideology had to get it himself, not under the supervision of instructors in white coats, making the green shots…well Poo. Therefore, it is not know what kind of minority can be a speech if on the Central streets of the capital spilled the true majority of the nation? It, so to speak, color and pride. With antique swords, suitable for the storming of Jerusalem with marches Luftwaffe and Nazi melodic tunes. Perhaps viatrovych, maddened dismissal of the main Alzheimer’s the nation, had in mind a purely sexual minority. In such a case this serious thought it was necessary to develop and deepen. As such, the minority influences the majority to determine the true orientation of all? How many columns necessary to ensure that this influence was decisive? What…a minute came up with elections in which the majority elects the wrong entertainers, who boast of “formula Steinmeier”?

By the way, about Steinmeier. It is not that clear: like all the Aryans, many with the appropriate symbols, and are in fact against the German, who is President of the Fatherland. It is not clear. But! Well, we have a Prime Minister like Goncharuk. He tired to ride a scooter on the Cabinet. Nobody trusts in a divorce. The government are just awesome. Began to increase only 40 percent. Per hour. Interesting, by the way, the figure. Mendeleyev in his time used as a basis for alcohol. Plus or minus two percent. It does not matter. In short, all the things Alex had done and decided to go to the pub, where there were true patriots listen to the speech of racial and right of the band playing the Luftwaffe rock. Here is where you can congratulate the veterans of the ATO, according to a small public relations group Goncharuk, promoting its image with the scooter in social networks? Only a fascist party with fun ridges. And Goncharuk went incognito with the expectation that all people recognize him. In short, he saved the situation: the government and nation of the Luftwaffe together listening to jazz. Isn’t it great? If Karp was able to implement the plan outlined in the work Shnurov, then Goncharuk as Prime Minister could well become the new leader “Steinmeier-Maidan”. Although he, as we have noted, is German.Alexander Zubchenko

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