Operation “y”, or Why Ukraine remembered the passport for Russia

Операция «Ы», или Зачем Украина вспомнила про загранпаспорта для России

Alexey Goncharuk. Illustration: yandex.net
Citizens of Ukraine from March 1, 2020 will be able to enter the territory of Russia only on foreign passports. This was reported in your Telegram-channel Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. Now, according to him, the border crossing time will be reduced due to new methods of control.

“To check data information passports are read with special devices”, — he said.

Операция «Ы», или Зачем Украина вспомнила про загранпаспорта для России

Operation “y” Goncharuk: decided to practice on its citizens?However, he’s not produced a sensation. That authorities want to forbid citizens to travel to Russia on internal passports on December 5, told the UNIAN Director of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev, who expressed the opinion that a simplified regime of crossing the border, “threatening the state security of Ukraine”.Goncharuk did not specify how the border crossing with Russia on internal passports threatens national security. Russia and Belarus are the only countries to which Ukrainians may yet internal passports. For comparison in the list of the Russians of these countries five countries of the EEU plus Abkhazia. Until recently, the list was one country anymore. However, in 2015 the Ukrainian authorities have thought that this “occupation” will travel to the us internal passports? And introduced new rules that the Russians could enter Ukraine only foreign passport.

But it’s official. In reality, everything was much more complicated. Last year, when after “the Kerch incident” martial law was imposed in Kiev decided not to let Russians male from 16 to 60 years. Actually, nothing new here they did not invent, in fact, the informal ban has acted since the victory of the coup — the author of these lines has experienced it in March 2014 year. So in fact only legalized what had long been practiced.

Only the visa to enter, and after all the talk about it were. But I was scared. Scared of the inevitable reflex action on the part of Russia, it’s not always the same Moscow will turn a blind eye to all the “pranks” “younger brothers”.

I must admit that in Russia the introduction of a visa regime with Ukraine few who did notice, after 2014 the number of people wishing to visit the country fell significantly. According to the FSB, in comparison with 2013 year the number of Russians visiting Ukraine on a business trip, in 2017 declined by more than 10 times. And those who travelled with private purpose — four times.

Meanwhile, the number of Ukrainians in Russia all these years did not fall, but only increased. According to various sources, there may be 2 to 3 million people. For comparison, the number of Ukrainians in Poland — about a million, and this number also increased after the introduction of a visa-free regime with Europe.

In General, any normal country wants to soften immigration rules with all its neighbors, to maximize the number of countries where free can go its citizens. But Ukraine with Russia’s migration rules somehow only intensifies, however, the dosage, knowing what may turn into the mirror measures from Moscow and a momentary return to the country a couple of million disgruntled “guest workers”.In fact, the Kiev authorities not only to Russians but to citizens trying to complicate border crossing — first broke the air, and then was constantly threatened with termination rail. However, it is gradually dying. The Russians in Ukraine practically do not go, so that Russian trains in this country haven’t been, and the number of Ukrainian reduced. Expensive. Rolling stock is dilapidated. But buses run there-here a great many is one of the latest ways for Ukrainian migrant workers to enter the neighboring country, where to live and work, obviously, in more profitable times.

No, I do not argue, it is much better to work in Poland, wages in the low for the EU — Ukrainians just space. And even better in Germany. But not everyone is lucky to obtain a legal permit and “bezviz”-the only tourist. Yes, and illegal to get lucky is not for everyone. In Russia, everything is simpler, clearer, dearer, and closer geographically. Well, for inhabitants of the East, anyway. Residents of the West and previously went mainly to Poland, so that “independence” and “bezviz” it’s not particularly what changed, the times that — in both directions to leave was more people, as life in Ukraine became more and more unbearable.

And, apparently, burned the hearts of those who actively promoted “the Russian-Ukrainian war”, the fact that, despite the “aggression” and “occupation”, despite the visa-free access to “blessed” in Europe, as the Ukrainians went to Russia, and continue to ride. After all, what are all these measures to tighten the skip mode, the reduction of transport capabilities? Solely in order to break remaining ties between the fraternal peoples. But, as practice shows, is not so simple.

It is not only breaking the mental ties, but also in seeking to redirect migration flows. And nothing that many Ukrainians would prefer to go to Europe and never come back. Some odious policy of Kiev spoke directly — we do not need so many people. Partly the whole “independence” was conceived, in particular, with the aim to drastically reduce the population of the country, leaving only that amount which is necessary to serve the interests of the new owners.
That’s just what many Ukrainians prefer Russia, is not very correlated with the official ideology, according to which between our countries war. But how to reduce them?

Okay, I got it.

Of course, under completely false pretenses. Them, remember, in the beginning of the month has sounded the fire Victims. First, the alleged need passports to minors because there are no pictures, which promotes the growth of the criminal cases of export. Secondly, in internal documents, the owner information is not duplicated in Latin letters, which supposedly makes it difficult to check for restrictions on travel in the databases of Interpol and can not read information in the automatic mode. Finally, in the third, according to Pogoreltsev, the passport of the citizen of Ukraine has the lowest degree of protection and can be used with the modified picture when crossing the border by third parties who have committed or may commit unlawful acts that threaten state security and public order.

None of these arguments are not tenable. With regard to the danger of illegal export of children abroad, who should still get the benefit of the level of corruption in Ukraine and is not, and no picture will not help here. As for the lack of the Latin alphabet, it in Russia is not used, and if the person is in the international wanted list, to it check by Russian border guards in the databases of Interpol will not come, since it just will not release from the country. The same goes for fake passports much sooner recognize at the border of the country, which these passports are issued. If the person under investigation, or with a false document will be in Russia — it will “herd” the Ukrainian frontier guards, regardless of his internal passport or a foreign.

However, in the statement Pogoreltsev there is one idea which is worth considering:

“…third parties who have committed or may commit unlawful acts that threaten state security and public order”.And here Ukrainian officials clearly blurts out, referring to threats to state security.

As you know, today the threat of the Ukrainian state security are those citizens of Ukraine who publicly Express their disagreement with government policy. Someone repost in the social network of “separatist” content. And who with arms in the Donbass.First, not that in Russia generally undesirable anywhere to produce, and better to put in jail (and it put), and then leave with impunity, and will conduct their propaganda.

As for the second… well, there are such ones among the volunteers, who have enough mind to go to Ukraine, though sometimes forced. And in General the Donbas residents often have to travel through Russia to minimize the risks associated with crossing the boundary line.

Immediately, by the way, it will be possible to identify those residents of Donbass, who received Russian passports — after all, if it is known that people visited Russia, and dies on the exit and entrance no — not unless the Russian attend.

The same applies to Crimea. The Ukrainian government has repeatedly said that they have a database of Donetsk, and the Crimean people, who have Russian passport (with the Crimeans, however, it’s simple — they have almost all), but it was always obvious bluff. Meanwhile, many Crimeans Ukrainian passport retained and used for free entry to the territory of Ukraine, it’ll come back, and in Russia enter Russian. Now, the presence-absence of stamps of the Ukrainian border guards will be able to determine what passport the person has entered the Crimea.

Here there is some confusion: after all, Kiev authorities consider the Peninsula as its territory, and no border with Russia, there would be like there. Therefore, obliged to release their citizens on internal passports. In this case, all the “benefits” of innovations in relation to the Crimea simply won’t work. I wonder how they will get out…

In any case, this measure is a serious blow to many Ukrainians who will be forced to obtain “passports”. Of course, those who sit in the Donbass and never leaves it, except in Russia, is not touched, but those who have to cross the existing Ukrainian border — to the fullest.

Of course, it is not so expensive and hardly for anyone but the residents of Donbass, it will be an insurmountable problem. But someone in the mass issuing of passports will work. It’s interesting that, according to a survey conducted two years ago, passports do not have 66% of the population. Well it’s the untilled field!And that is typical — no “bezviz” has not changed the situation. Yeah, were more likely to apply for passport, but it is not something that is clearly hoped by the organizers of the Ukrainian “revolution”. Do not be surprised if after March 2020, the number of people wishing to obtain a new document will be greater than after June 2017.

And it will be another blow to the image “evrointegratorov” and evidence that the age-old ties of fraternal peoples cannot be cut nor six years, nor for ten.

Dmitry Rodionov

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