Opponent Alexeï Navalny accuses Putin of being “behind” his poisoning

Opponent Alexeï Navalny accuses Putin of being

Berlin | Russian opponent Alexei Navalny accused President Vladimir Putin of being “behind” his poisoning, in his first interview published since he left the German hospital where he was treated.

“I affirm that Putin is behind this act, I do not see any other explanation,” he told the German weekly “Der Spiegel”, which published extracts of the interview on its Thursday morning. website.

“My duty now is to remain as I am, someone who is not afraid. And I'm not afraid! ” also says the main opponent of the Kremlin.

According to the German weekly, he also confirms in the interview, the entirety of which is to be broadcast later today, his intention to return to Russia once healed.

A tireless anti-corruption activist and fierce critic of the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, 44, fell seriously ill on August 20 on a plane in Siberia while on an election campaign.

Three European laboratories have concluded that it was poisoned with a Novichok-type nerve agent, designed for military purposes in Soviet times, and Western capitals have therefore called on Russia to explain and investigate. Moscow rejects all accusations.

Alexeï Navalny was released a week ago from the Berlin Charité hospital, where he was treated for a month. He is now continuing his convalescence in Germany which, according to his spokesperson, will take “a lot of time”.

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