Oprah is successful his return

To mark her grand return to the format of talk show, Oprah Winfrey is tackling one of the hot topics of the summer : the racism. And it is successful.

In the first episode of The Oprah Talk, available for free on Apple TV+, the “queen of media” talks with the ex-footballer, sports commentator and activist Emmanuel Acho, who pilot on YouTube a webseries titled” Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black (free translation : Discussions uncomfortable with a black man).

The duo also answers the questions of viewers are white, most of which feed on the discussion in a beautiful way. And when things start to turn in a circle, Oprah, a great pro, takes firmly the orders and moves on to the next call.


Saved in a pandemic, that is to say remote, this hour of television account several times illuminating. The response of Lisa, a mother of three children living in San Francisco, is part of it. In a company, she admits that she deals with resumes that it receives in a different way when they come from people with a name that ” sounds black “.

“Thank you to admit,” says Emmanuel Acho. Because it is necessary to first recognize a problem, to be able to adjust. “

There is also the testimony of Anne Marie, of Minnesota, who is concerned about the fact that she has no black friends. Is this a problem ? Not necessarily, told. But to better understand the other, nothing prevents him from watching movies (The hate you give, Just Mercy) or read books (Black Like Me) who are exposed to black culture.

It takes notes.

Raise the level of debate

With The Oprah Talk, Oprah Winfrey found a format that it knows well, but she had drifted away since she buried her famous Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011 : the talk-show.

Certainly, it has hosted a few programs for personal growth on O, his tv channel, but never talk-show to speak of, where she directs the traffic between multiple stakeholders. A pity, because it is his strength. She puts people at ease to say what they think, but always with the objective to raise the level of debate.

In a press release, Apple describes The Oprah Conversation as a series where Oprah will continue to explore topics impactful in leading interviews “a timely and intimate” with some of the greatest actors of the news, and opinion leaders.

In the course of the next emission, the star billionaire will receive including the author and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson. Two other productions Oprah are available on Apple TV+ : a reading club and a show-themed COVID-19.

► The Oprah Conversation is broadcast (in English only) on the Apple TV+.

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