Or hair dryer spoils the hair?

If the dryer spoils the hair, then why use it all? Scary or heat treatment with hot air hair? How often can I use a Hairdryer so as not to harm the hair?

Чи псує фен волосся?

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You wear on your head about a hundred thousand hair follicles. The core of each hair has three layers: the cuticle, outer cortex, cortical layer and medulla, inner layer.

The inner layer of the hair contains a lot of keratin, making the hair different elasticity, smoothness and natural Shine. The task of the cortical layer is to provide flexibility, it contains the pigment that determines the color of the hair. The role of cuticle – protecting hair from damage, when viewed under the microscope, it will resemble a tile. In order to make your hair resistant to external influences and less broke, the cuticle must be very tightly fit to the core framework.

Using a dryer is convenient in view of the saving of time, but haste is very harmful to your hair.

Experts advise not to dry the hair immediately after washing and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Under the influence of water hair is revealed, that is, lifts the shingles of the cuticle becomes more vulnerable. Use a hair dryer after a shower damages the cuticle and makes the rod more brittle. Damage reach the cortical substance, it becomes more sensitive to chemical stimuli, for example, to chlorinated water, this destroys the keratin that makes up 85-90% of the mass of hair. Among the functions of the cuticle is present to support the moisture in the hair, blow drying takes away the moisture of the hair, it becomes limp and dry. As a result, the hair is very brittle and become prone to fungus and infection.

When compared with the Hairdryer and other appliances – Curling irons, flat irons, Styler, but they will be even more harmful. When you use the dryer you keep him at a distance, and iron is very strongly pressed to the hair. However, we do not feel pain only because the hair has no nerve endings, from the effects of hot Curling irons hair receive the same harm would receive from contact with her skin.

How often can I use a Hairdryer?
Completely abandon the dryer impossible, so you need to use it as sparingly as possible. At every opportunity to do without it let your hair rest, for example, at the weekend, when you don’t have to run to work. If you’re used to wash my hair in the morning, then try to retrain themselves for the evening, then the need will disappear in the hair dryer.

There is now an opportunity to minimize the harm from thermal effects on the hair and means for thermal protection.

These tools work on the basis of a special composition, they are plant extracts, oils, proteins and vitamin E, available in creams, mousses, emulsions. The composition coats the hair and creates a protective barrier against external influences. Many of these tools are very effective, but rely on them is impossible.
If you can’t give up the dryer, get an professional model with a cooling function alternate flow of hot and cold air. Hold the dryer no closer than a distance of 15-20 cm from hair, do not use metal attachments for styling, they heat up to 230 degrees and cause even more damage to the hair.

What to do if you have burnt hair?

Чи псує фен волосся?
I’ll tell that to fully restore dry hair does not work, but do not worry.

If the time to take action, the hair will recover 80%. Remedies for hair restoration that are sold in stores, this silicone products quick actions, they are not effective. Help a salon using professional products based on natural ingredients. At home, be sure to do moisturizing and nourishing masks.

Hair care is not only the use of care products, hair care should not only go outside but inside. In pharmacy networks are a lot of vitamins for hair is vitamin complexes to suit every taste and budget. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are taken inside, then they are absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the hair follicles through the blood vessels. From this action depends on the quality of the formation of the hair shaft.

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