Or swapped wives footballer shovkovskyi and Russian millionaire

In short, everyone’s breaking up!

Чи помінялися дружинами футболіст Шовковський і російський мільйонер

Today around the history of divorce Oleksandr shovkovskyi raging passion. As admitted by the player himself, in early March, he lives separately from his wife, the designer Olga Lanovoy: “In the same month I filed for divorce, which still obeys…”

Interestingly, in the same March made the decision to leave the 33-year-old Marina Kutepova and her millionaire husband-the Russians, the “dairy king” Sergey Evlanchik. About this divorce, perhaps no one would have known if Marina Kutepova and Oleksandr shovkovskyi began to ascribe to the novel. Olga Alenova confirmed in a conversation with journalists that Marina pursued her husband, gave him various gifts, offered to the joint business projects. And, apparently, succeeded. Male Kutepova admitted that the novel of the goalkeeper of “Dynamo” with his wife lasts for two years.

In short, everyone’s breaking up!

All anything, if not for the children. Shovkovskiy and Lanovoy – 6-year-old daughter Sasha, Evlanchik and Kutepova – 7-year-old Jasmine and 9-year-old Nikita. Understandably resentful half immediately began to manipulate the children and in the General act of revenge wrong became close friends. According to rumors, Alenova even flew to Evlanchik in the UK, where he studied his son.

And if Shovkovskiy divorce process goes on, Kutepova the case was stalled. In the end, 33-year-old wife of a millionaire and has addressed to journalists with the request to give publicity to her story, because no civilized methods and laws do not help her.

As told Marina, after ten years of marriage she and her husband decided to leave. It happened in March, after which Evlanchik not let her into your home, but most importantly – away children, who are now hiding from it. From March 7-year-old Jasmine stopped attending school – the father was afraid that she could be there to steal. 9-year-old son the woman, too devoid of communication. Only once in July, Nikita called his mother, and then he took the phone away.

While the Board of Trustees, according to Kutepova already recommended that the court decide child custody in favor of the husband. Children, according to women, systematically taught that the mother went mad and died.

Recently, Marina was able to see my daughter – in dental clinic. But the babysitter pulled Jasmine in the mother, and the security guard hired by her husband, caused Kutepova injuries. Journalists were provided a video of this situation, where it is seen as a woman repelled by girls that desperately shouting: “Mom! Mommy!”

I know that my husband is spending huge sums to solve the situation in their favor. He repeatedly said that everyone in this country can buy, – says Marina. – I’m also afraid that the husband, being a citizen of Russia, will take out children abroad. Although the court forbade him from doing so…

Kutepova said that contrary to the assertion by her husband that her interest is not children, but money, she does not claim the division of property.

– I do not need anything but children! At the moment no action, which indicates that I want something, – says the woman. – While the man submitted the claim in which demands to collect from me child support in the amount of 664 thousand. I’m now only on children and the place where we lived… I agree to bring with him a son and a daughter 50/50.

Marina Kutepova even appealed to Petro Poroshenko: “Help me find my children!”


Marina Kutepova: “the Reason for my divorce Sasha would never”

What’s the reason its such a hard conflict with her husband?

– We lived together since 2004. In 2012 I first caught him in correspondence with girls so to say, easy virtue. He told me that often happens in well-known private club, hanging out with our business and political elite, where a lot of these girls. I have forgiven him. But he has not changed. He is often seen with other women. I struggled with this as much as I could. But when he started to bring girls in the company of our mutual friends – could not stand.

– Can you comment on your relationship with Shovkovskiy?

– I can not comment on because they are in a state of divorce. As soon as I receive an official document, I will be able to comment on them.

But still, it is possible to consider shovkovskyi cause of divorce?

– The reason for my divorce Sasha never was and never would be.

– In your opinion, what motivates today your husband?

– Is outraged feminine pride.

– Resentfully it?

– I once said, “I betrayed, you left the family”.

Were you and your husband love?

Love was and it was big. And perhaps because of this love I have so much time and suffered. Love dies when the bath water cools. When it gets cold – you’re out of the bath out.

– Situations like yours often occur with girls who want to marry rich princes.

– And Sergei was not a rich Prince. When we met, he lived in an apartment. Together we build the future and when that future became a good boy banged by rich toys. We have earned all the property together. That’s OK, because behind every successful man stands a strong woman.

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