Orange foods: excessive consumption is dangerous to health

Let’s talk about what will happen with the body, if you consume orange foods on a regular basis.

Помаранчева їжа: надмірне вживання небезпечне для здоров&#039я

We all have a General idea of what foods are beneficial to our health, and what to avoid. But did you know that our emotional perception of the food absorbed, and even on the digestive processes affects the color of the product? If you take, for example, food is orange, we can say that only by looking at her person filled with energy and becomes more peaceful. Today let’s talk about what will happen with the body, if you consume orange foods on a regular basis, informs Rus.Media.


When we talk about food, orange color, first to come to mind tangerines, oranges, mango, persimmons, carrots, pumpkin, apricots and many more. People have long been calls fruits and vegetables orange sun and associates them with joy and excellent health.

Really like the idea of this kind of product is not just a figment of the imagination of ancient people. Modern scientific research has shown that to improve eyesight through diet, which will include orange food. This color arises due to the presence in the composition of beta-carotene and a complex of vitamin E, which positively affects the state of the retina and stabilize the intraocular pressure, increase which subsequently leads to glaucoma.


Vitamin E has a positive impact on the functioning of the endocrine glands. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in many orange foods, improve the elasticity of skin and prevent at the cellular level, premature aging of the skin, but in General the whole organism. Orange food color especially recommended for people with hormonal background.

Liver problems

In addition to the many advantages of such products, you always need to remember that excessive consumption of any food the person can overtake the opposite effect.

If the constant use of orange food, you will notice that your skin tone has changed and become Golden, it’s time to sound the alarm. Such a sign indicates the surplus of pigment. It is impossible to prevent the mucous membranes of the eyes acquired a similar tint, as this is a sign of a developing liver disease.