Orange Maidan. Memory Gene Sharp

Оранжевый майдан. Памяти Джина Шарпа

Friends, we have an anniversary – 15 years of the orange Maidan, aka “pomarancheva revolution.” The first big partying on Maidan Nezalezhnosti: bloodless and naive. The masses stood for imposing Pro-American Yushchenko against Donetsk Bumpkin Yanukovych, who also was a protege of the hated Kuchma. Thought it was just a fight sympathy though, like 10 years later, it was the struggle between Russia and America over Ukraine. Who eventually won? You know…

So, what happened on November 22 2004? And the unavoidable happened: the day before, on 21 November 2004 the Central election Commission announced preliminary results of the second round of the presidential elections, according to which with the benefit of 3% won by Viktor Yanukovych, the then Prime Minister.

Supporters of the main rival of Yanukovych in the election of Viktor Yushchenko and most foreign observers believed that it is the result of mass falsification of national will. By the way, the facts of falsification was proved weak and unconvincing. But the winners are not judged.

‘ve got to remember what time it was. The film Melnichenko, “Ukraine without Kuchma”, the American Yushchenko’s wife Kateryna Chumachenko, the attempts of Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych, starting in the fall of 2003, to join the common economic space. About that many have forgotten. And for good reason.

15 September 2004 in Astana (now Nur-Sultan) regular meeting of the EEA countries, including the accession of Ukraine. Four days before this, on 11 September 2004, head of the Austrian clinic for treatment of pancreatitis “Rudolfinerhaus” Michael zimpfer announced that Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin. Who poisoned? “Criminal Vlada-ubivtsa”, of course. Pimples on the face of Yushchenko became strong evidence of election fraud healthy and flourishing Yanukovych.
Again, not stopping to remember how was the campaign. Yushchenko introduced the typical American technique – a bus tour of the cities, branded Souvenirs, handshakes with voters, a smile from ear to ear and mass General exultation. The Messiah! Not huhry-muhry. Shirts, viburnum and bees went well. All of that and then for five years was blown away and turned into fifth place in the 2010 elections with a score of 5.45%. Despite the fact that Viktor Yanukovych in the first round was 35,32 %, Yulia Tymoshenko – 25,05%, Sergey Tigipko – 13,06 % and Arseny Yatsenyuk – of 6.96 %. We, too, have forgotten and would do well to remember.

But the phenomenon of the rise and fall of the rating of Viktor Yushchenko – is a separate issue. We remember the orange revolution. Its purpose was to overturn the results of the second round. And the goal was achieved. 3 December 2004 Ukraine’s Supreme court recognized that to determine the winner is not possible, because the Central election Commission violated six articles of the law on the CEC and eight of the law on presidential elections.

The participants of the presidential campaign, according to the court, did not have equal access to the media, and officials of Executive power and local self-government did not comply with the ban on campaigning. Ultimately, the court found it impossible “to establish the real will of the voters” and scheduled a rerun of the second round on 26 December 2004. The so-called third round.

While on the side of Yushchenko acted as lawyers Mykola Katerynchuk, Roman Zvarych, Oleksii Reznikov, Vlasenko, Mykola Poludennyi, Yuriy Karmazin and someone else. And by Yanukovych was Olena Lukash, Stepan Gavrish and three less well-known lawyer.

It would seem that the protesters have succeeded. Yushchenko is clearly winning. Pathetic attempts by Yanukovych to bring the miners to Kiev turn into shame: they feel on foreign territory is not at ease and try to crowd together at the station, where they provided a camp later shot himself the Minister of transport George Kirpa. The voice of Donetsk muffled voice of the city. Obviously.

The Americans crushed the Russians, who do not show sufficient activity. Apparently, thought, and Yushchenko will be to negotiate, if you press on the gas. Was wrong. Few people remember that before the new 2005 arrives a group of us congressmen. At the meeting with Leonid Kuchma Congressman Dana Rohrabacher talks about his bill providing personal sanctions against senior Ukrainian officials in the case of falsification of the 2004 presidential election. Frankly, frightened.
On 26 December 2004 is the third round of elections. Viktor Yushchenko the winner by a considerable margin: 51.99% of the vote against 44,20% Viktor Yanukovych. But the official results of the CEC announces only 10 January 2005. So square just in case it’s worth and after the third round – before the inauguration of Yushchenko on 23 January 2005.

The protesters do not notice that Yushchenko and Kuchma concluded a secret deal and 8 December 2004 the Verkhovna Rada changed the Constitution, making the Cabinet of Ministers is the Supreme body in system of Executive authorities. And the President turns to the Queen.

According to final and transitional provisions of the law, the main provisions of the “Constitutional reform” has started to operate since the inauguration of the new President. The reform entered into force: in this format, the Constitution lasted until 30 September 2010, when the who took the revenge of Viktor Yanukovych by the constitutional court abolished it in Fig.

What else can you say about the orange revolution? She was third after the “bulldozer revolution” in Yugoslavia, 29 September to 6 October 2000, when snatched a victory from the Pro-American candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, thus putting a dot in the reign of Slobodan Milosevic. And the “rose revolution” in Georgia on 2 November 2003 – 4 January 2004 the Georgians, as we do, the reason for the revolution was the falsification of the parliamentary elections on 2 November 2003. As a result, the Eduard Shevardnadze resigned, and the leadership of the country has passed to opposition led by Mikhail Saakashvili.

A few years later it became known that the Creator of the concept of “color revolutions” was died 29 January 2018 technologist of the American gene sharp. His textbook “198 methods of nonviolent action” was a methodological tool for the headquarters of Yushchenko and Saakashvili’s companions, and “frontmen” Bolotnaya square. It is not surprising that the instigators of the orange Maidan – the Ukrainian “Pora” Vladislav Kaskiv was a copy of the Georgian “Kmara”, created according to similar methodology, with the Belgrade “Amparai”.

And such detail – it is said that the rector of the Lvov national University Ivan Vakarchuk, the father of singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and the party leader “the Voice”, who, after studying at Stanford University, entered Ukrainian politics and gathered around himself the so-called “sorozat”, – a personal friend of Gene sharp. And even published his book at the expense of the Lviv University on the eve of the 2004 elections. So, as they say, there is no revolution at the beginning, no revolution at the end…

Egor Smirnov
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