Orchid — is not only a delicate flower, but a strong female charm

Helps many problems!

Орхідея — не тільки ніжна квітка, а і сильний жіночій оберіг

Today, more and more as a present or just for fun, people choose a delicate and exquisite flower – the Orchid. It is very different from their fellows on the sill, and not only in appearance, but also to care for her. Despite the fact that this plant was recently “stuck” in our homes, in fact, the mankind has been familiar with it since ancient times, informs Rus.Media.

Orchid – a symbol of not just luxury but worship, and during this fairly long period of time a flower had grown more and different legends, mysteries and superstitions, some of which we now share with you:

Woman to give an Orchid as a gift a must! For the fair half of mankind, this flower is a kind of talisman, programming, femininity, charm, luck in love.

It is believed that it is especially important to give the Orchid a woman or a girl who is still without a pair, because soon her life will be a reliable companion.

If a man gave a woman an Orchid is a sure evidence of its serious intentions.

But if always blooming Orchid suddenly begins to fade, think, perhaps, something went wrong and, most likely, it is a warning that in the family we have a serious crisis.

Orchid helps to prolong life, to establish the atmosphere and energy in the house.

It will even protect you from unwelcome guests. It is believed that the Orchid will be a bad influence on him who comes in the house with bad intentions.

But man Orchid does not work very well, giving it a feminine character traits.

The influence of orchids depends on its color:

  • purple help you become more active and industrious; for those who follow the figure and appearance;
  • yellow increase the prosperity and promote career growth; also add creativity to the creative people;
  • white and pink help to find harmony and balance, and alleviate depression.