Oriental tale: Muscovites will show Turkey in miniature

In the Park “Krasnaya Presnya” on Friday, the festival kicks off Turkey in Moscow. It is the third consecutive year. About what awaits the guests of the festival, told reporters organizers, reports “WORLD 24”.

“Turkey, it is much richer and culturally, historically and gastronomically. That is a very diverse country. And our task was slightly, partially, it is of course impossible entirely to show it, but to recreate the thumbnail of this beautiful country, which is very loved by our compatriots,” – said General producer of the festival Zelimkhan Zarmaev.

The Park will be built a “small” Turkey with all its beauties and major attractions. More than 150 artists, dancers, singers, chefs and artisans will acquaint the Russians with the culture and traditions of this country. Among those who will be performing at the festival – military band of the Janissaries “Mehter”. It is the oldest orchestra in the world.

2019 – year of culture and tourism between the two countries. Turkey is very popular with domestic travelers. Only last year the country was visited 6.5 million Russians. Now to get acquainted with its culture and traditions right in Moscow, at the festival in the Park “Krasnaya Presnya”. TV channel “MIR” for the second year media partner of the festival.