Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of Peter and Paul: how did the holiday and the main signs

Православные отмечают день Петра и Павла: как возник праздник и основные приметы

Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of Peter and Paul: how did the holiday and the main signs
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Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of Peter and Paul. Photo: From open sources.

This is one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox calendar.

Thursday, July 12, Orthodox celebrate the day of Peter and Paul, the most zealous disciples of Christ. The holiday was established by the Christian Church in honor of the two apostles, who were “the most diligent and zealous disciples of Christ” did more for Christianity than anyone else.

In people, the feast Day of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul, known as Petrov day. The Orthodox celebrate this день12 July, and Catholics – on the 29th of June (it’s the same only on July 12, old style).

On this day the Orthodox fast of the apostles ends.

The history of the holiday

According to some, supposedly on July 12 apostles were martyred for their faith. Peter was crucified upside down and Paul was beheaded. While still unknown, executed them in one day or with a break of one day. Precisely what both the Apostle was sentenced to death during the reign of the Emperor Nero.

Saint Peter:

Simon (so named him at birth) grew up in a family of fisherman. Initially the son wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, but changed my mind after meeting with Jesus. Impressions of the meeting was so strong that Simon had received baptism, after which, like the other apostles, went around the world to tell people about your teacher.

In 67, Peter gave a sermon in Rome, after which he was captured and sentenced to death. According to the decision of the so-called trial, the Apostle was crucified, however, the convict felt that unworthy to die like Jesus, and insisted to be crucified upside down.

By Pavel Holy

Before baptism had the name Saul. Initially opposed to the Christian religion and was a persecutor of the followers. However, once, during a road to Damascus approached by God himself, the traveler saw a bright light blinded him, and heard a voice that asked why he doesn’t believe in God. The same voice commanded the blind to continue their journey to Damascus that he with his satellites and made. In this city Saul began to study the faith, and three days later was baptized. During the Holy sacrament, the man received his sight.

Since then, he has become the same zealous and fervent disciple of Christ, like Peter, and was not less actively to preach Christianity. Paul was repeatedly imprisoned for his preaching. And when the Apostle was arrested in Rome (or in ’67, or’ 68), he was sentenced to decapitation. The convict was not crucified for the reason that he had the rights of a Roman citizen (not a slave).

Read of saints Peter and Paul began almost immediately after their execution. And with the advent in the year 324 of the first temples erected in honor of the apostles, their feast day has acquired the status of one of the most revered Christian holidays.

The Slavs began to celebrate immediately after the baptism of Rus in 988.

The tradition of St. Peter’s day

On the eve of Orthodox tidying throughout the house, whitewashed the house, hung out embroidered towels. Girls in this day wore on the head a wreath of wild flowers, weave back red poppies. In the morning it was mandatory attendance at Church, on his return from which people one ate sandrikami cheese attendants.

Superstitions omens in the day of Peter and Paul:

People say that after July 12, ceases to cuckoo cuckoo. Supposedly she stole from St. Peter Mandrik, for which she was punished by God.

If Petrov day rain, the hay will be hard, but the harvest is plentiful.

Day decreases, the heat arrives: After a day of Peter and Paul begin the hottest days of summer


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In this day people do not work on the ground, otherwise you’ll spoil the harvest. But you can do small household chores. More here


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