Orzel spoke about “steps forward” with Russia on gas

Оржель рассказал о "шагах вперед" с РФ по газу

Photo: Oleksiy Of Ariel/Facebook

On the gas negotiations determined items, where trade-offs can potentially be found.

On the gas negotiations with Russia had made steps forward, identified identified issues where it is possible to reach a compromise. This was announced by the Minister of energy Alexey Orzhel live Freedom of speech Savik Shuster on channel Ukraine.
According to him, has already begun the process of coordination to achieve these compromises.

“If we are talking about yesterday, we really made steps forward… We have previously been in contact with the European side, and thus the results proved that the meeting will be held, there were certain items, where trade-offs can potentially be found. And there are elements where we also need to seek a (compromise),” – said the Minister.

He also stressed that Ukraine will sign the contract with the condition of European and non-discriminatory rules.

“If we are talking about our interaction with the Russian side, they are interested in the credibility of fuels such as natural gas, were lost in the European market… If we do not sign, it is very badly affects the performance of the market. At the time, Ukraine decided that we go to the European rules. This means that we as politicians have decided that the business entities that operate in this market must work in accordance with European non-discriminatory rules,” said Ariel.

Also, according to him, the potential direct gas supplies from Russia can only be at a price linked to the European indicator.

Earlier, Naftogaz said that the deadline for signing long-term gas transit contract with Russia – 13 December.

Gas talks will continue next week.

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