Ostap Vyshnya: “let him be land pen!”

In November, marked the 130th anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous Ukrainian writers-humorists, the Creator of the new genre of “smiles” by Ostap Cherry.

Остап Вишня: «Да будет ему земля пером!»

It would seem that a great date! However, you will not find mention of it in the chronicle on the website of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, enjoining Nigerians to remember and celebrate in November the 90th anniversary of the creation of the OUN*, the 95th anniversary of the messenger of Roman Shukhevych, “the Day of heroes of Heavenly hundred” (which upon closer inspection turned out to be a hundred “phony”) and, of course, the “Day of dignity and freedom.” However, in the General calendar Ostap cherry two lines mentioned. But the North-Eastern branch of the Institute to the 130th anniversary of the Cherry prepared… no, not the book of his scintillating short stories, and a study of his life. And the conclusion: cherry – a “fighter for the independence of Ukraine of the XX century, the head of the health Department of the Ministry of Railways of the UPR, a prisoner of Stalin’s camps,” and then – “satirist, humorist, translator”. The works of Cherry, for example, about the total Ukrainianization of the Institute calls “antipsihoticalkie”.

Let’s read it together:

Head ukrainsan Commission (to penny). VI ukrainskaia?

Panna. Vzhe.

Head. And skazhit, whether weasel, navso to transfer ukrainsan?

Panna. Ukrainsan transfer order, salesite vsih dwellers in the tenements, Bo acbi not ukrainale, then treba Bulo b usih pomeganate.

Head. Scho Takeo “ale”?

Panna. “Ale”, inour, forRuska, will mean: “Yes”.

Head. And Chim ische our glorious Ukraine?

Panna. I the soup dumplings.

Head. And skazhit now, Yak bude onukrainskomu: “In view of the fact, that…”?

Panna. Posarac.

Head. Well. Well. Ve better od Shevchenko. Skazhit now, Yak are written paperi ukraïnskoyu movoyu?

Panna. VSI paperi ukraïnskoyu movoyu pochynayetsya so: “S look around on your vanalinna…” And in the words, de Bulo Rusko “Yat”, is spelled “I” s point.

Head. Butt?

Panna. For example: “Ls” – Lis; “SNO” – Sino; “Wasl” – VOSL; “VSD” – West…

(UCRAINICA, InterMedia to claim si “Wii”)

In winp believe that the main motive humoresques Cherry about Ukrainization – not believe – “the revival of the national dignity of the Ukrainian nation”! Similarly, his works about nationalism declared the current creators of the “national memory” is very useful for* UPA: under the version of winp cherry through his sharp words, it turns out, informed the world of the “prison of Nations” in a “slave society” that Bandera continue to fight! Perhaps, the writer would be today I would have laughed heartily over the fantasies of the Institute, and not one of his “ussco” would be dedicated to present the Ukrainians.

“Comedian or Martyr?” – ask the creators of the “national memory”. And they themselves answer it so that cherry-the writer was hidden from human eyes behind the political image Gubenko, and only in the context of “a great patriot UNR” and “prisoner of the Soviet camps”. Yes, in the life of the great humorist was both, and much more, but in the memory of generations he was a master of words Ostap Cherry, not official UNR Pavel Gubenko.

In the anniversary date remembered Ostap Vyshnya in the village of Krynki Oleshkovskaya district, Kherson region, where he loved to relax in the last years of his life (“Hto cream, and I – in Krinki!..”) – on the ruins of the house-Museum. But mention of the fact that, for example, published a complete collection of his works – no.

Остап Вишня: «Да будет ему земля пером!»

The house-Museum of Ostap Vyshnya in the village of Krynki

But he was one of the most replicable Ukrainian masters of the word: the number of books sold – the second after Shevchenko. In his works, Ostap cherry sneered at by many aspects of life. Its sharp and at the same time good humour attracted readers of all ages. The works of satirist translated into many languages, published in almost all editions of the former Soviet Union, that “prison of Nations” (according to winp).

He has earned national love and glory, but in the writer’s life was more sad than funny. We’ve gathered 20 interesting facts about him.

– The real name of the satirist Pavel Mikhailovich Gubenko. There is a theory that the name he chose for a nickname Ostap, as the hero of “Taras Bulba”, favorite works of his countryman Nikolai Gogol. But cherry was his favorite wood, after all, in the Poltava region the abundance of cherry orchards.

– Future comedian was born 13 November (1 November old style) in one of the farms in the Poltava region (now the territory belongs to Sumy region). Parents worked for the landlords. Besides Paul, they had 16 children. Apparently, the child was in the mother – woman with red hair sang well, and when told something, be sure to jokes, so that will be heard. The writer was also the brother of Paul Basil, who was arrested and executed in 1937. “Are you going to write something my father said when I was sitting on the floor, smeared hand a puddle,” – said Ostap Vyshnia in his autobiography.

In his youth, Paul had graduated from the school of paramedics. Gave ten years of medicine. At work in the Department of surgery, railway hospital, he had to face different occasions. It is known that the young physician saved the life of 16-year-old boy. The fact was brought to the hospital with deep wounds to the neck, and the surgeon was not there. For the operation without delay took the beginner’s assistant and held her very successfully.

Feeling his calling, Paul Gubenko retired from medicine to journalism and literature. But before that he was the historical-philological faculty of Kiev University, which the writer never finished, although the progress was good. Affected by the revolutionary events, and the students lost to the study interest.

– The first satirical work of the author of “Denikin’s Democratic reforms” was published in 1919, signed by P. Grunsky. And two years later appeared the first feuilleton “Freak, I swear!” under the pseudonym Ostap cherry.

In 1919 he was taken prisoner, as “petlyurovets”, head of medical-sanitary management of Ministry of Railways of the UPR. For service in the army of the Ukrainian national Republic, printing in SR the press, he was arrested as a dangerous criminal kept in prison of the NKVD in Kharkov. The writer narrowly escaped execution and ended up on the outside. He even gave a room in a communal apartment in Kiev. Possible cause of liberation is still the skill of a master. Officials, party leaders liked sharp word Cherry.

In edition of “News Central” Pavel Gubenko was appointed a translator. In 1923, from the pen of Ostap Vyshnya already out of the 270 works (nine collections) – satires, humorous pieces… in five years, he was the author of 27 collections! “Translated, I translated, and then think to myself: “What I translate when can feuilletons to write! And then – writer you can be. Look how many writers are different, but I’m still not a writer. Skills – I think to myself, – I have no special, the accounting Department don’t know what I think myself – going to do? I became Ostap Cherry and began to write…”

– Some time Ostap cherry worked as the editor of the magazine “Pepper”. At the same time he presented their works before different audiences. Humoresque writer read in an even voice, with a minimum of acting, but the audience was laughing. “Probably from the time of Kotlyarevsky’t laughed Ukraine so cheerful, so Sunny sparkling with laughter, she laughed again at the lovely work of Ostap Cherry” wrote Oles Gonchar.

– In 1930 the total circulation of the published books Ostap Vyshnya close to the mark of two million. Among the collections that cloudless period – “REP Yashka”, “Someone fun, and who th PRSPs”, “Well y people”, “dwellers of I HLB giving birth, dwellers of I cattle plagiusa”, “Face to the village”… Until the next arrest, the writer manages to write many works, including the famous “Cherry smiles” (more than two dozen collections!).

His “USMC” or “REP Yashka” have become a unique genre in a satirical prose. These types of article on topics of the day enlivened the boring, state-owned publication. It got to the point that the villagers learned to read only in order to read at least a couple of “cherry smiles”.

The writer received a stack of letters of thanks, suggestions, requests investigate and expose. There was a case in one of the farms was asked to send a doctor, an agronomist and Ostap Cherry.

– In 1933 Pavel Gubenko was arrested again. This time he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. The fault of the satirist was accused of “terrorism”: that he and his friends were preparing an attempt on the party member Postysheva. The charge was utterly false, so that the interrogation by the NKVD, the comedian even asked: “Why don’t you accuse me of rape of Clara Zetkin?” (revolutionary at the time was in his eighties). Under torture, the writer was forced to admit to something I didn’t do. Punishment it left “from bell to bell” in a labor camp, related to the structure of the Gulag, in the present Komi ASSR. His wife, a former actress, like the wives of the Decembrists, followed a loved one.

Остап Вишня: «Да будет ему земля пером!»

Ostap Vyshnia in a forced labor camp

– There is evidence that shortly before his arrest the writer wanted to “clean up” in another way – the shots on the hunt. One winter he received a telegram with the invitation to the forest, which he immediately accepted. But there was a snowstorm and get to the scene did not happen. Paul contacted the people who supposedly called him to hunt, but those on the “invitation” was heard for the first time…

When in 1937 satirist was sentenced to death, the heavens themselves had pity on him. The second time he miraculously survived. For this reason there are several versions. On one of them, the writer was saved by the extreme cold. Prisoners”suicide” was transferred for execution to another zone across the Pechora river. But because of severe frosts the steamer could not enter the port. The camp commander was shot, and the new leaders did not found the order of the execution of the writer, whether the order was issued to Ostap Vyshnya, and among the prisoners the writer was listed as Paul Gubenko…

– In 1942, Oles Dovzhenko on behalf of Stalin was to make a list of the repressed Ukrainian writers who could “serve the people”. First in the list was Ostap Vyshnya (was released in late 1943). Thin, sick, with a stomach ulcer, the writer was required to hard the people of war (and postwar) years to spark humor. From the pen of the master came feuilleton “Independent drca” as well as pamphlets ridiculing the UPA and Bandera.

– After ten years of Stalin’s camps the writer is not angry with life. In the magazine “Pepper”, where he worked until recent years, remember him as a humble, friendly person. Once asked about the creative plans. “I want to write “Anna Karenina”, only that she didn’t throw herself under the train,” replied the writer.

– A year before his death, in 1955, a decision of the court of Ostap cherry shot along with his brother was completely rehabilitated.

Is a great lover of hunting, the writer rarely came home with game. It attracted more than socializing with friends, nature watching. Really popular and immortal work became his “Milisic usmci” (“hunter’s smiles”). It with good humour infused lyrics of the poet and philosophical reflections.

Остап Вишня: «Да будет ему земля пером!»

Ostap cherry with his beloved dog

– A true friend of the author in hunting and in life was a Spaniel guy. At the exhibition the dog even earned a silver medal, most likely win contributed to the name of the owner. When the owner died, the guy was very bored, ran away from home, looking for the person in places where they once walked until I got under the car. “This dog I saw! Give him used to teeth a note with money: “Jack! Instantly a bottle of wine!” After half an hour already arrives with the wine. Just to give more money was not: the rest will spend on drink!”

The writer has always believed that laughter has a therapeutic effect. “Those who already don’t have enough spirit to laugh at their own shortcomings, it is better that century not to laugh.” Sam Ostap cherry laughed even over their arrests. “A writer muzzled! As he wrote! Bozh-W-well our as he wrote! Does he think wrote how others write? I think he to write with pen and ink? And on ordinary paper? But where did you see this? He takes used a skewer – pointed stick to the dumplings – the black sour cream will dip and thin-pryanzerki wheat cakes writes. Writes the pellet gets wet and all the time singing: “dashing to the Ladies Zakarluka, zakabluki dashing ladies”. And if not very much funny out, then as garknet at his wife: “the Jinka! Tickle me funnier out!”


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