Other tile for Bombardier Transportation in New York

NEW YORK – the saga of The subway cars R179 Bombardier Transportation has been enjoying a rebound, negative to New York, where the authorities come to put them out of service following an alleged incident.

Wednesday morning, shortly before 1 a.m., a train with 10 cars separated between the sixth and seventh cars as he travelled in a northerly direction and came to the station to Chambers Street in Manhattan.

This information was confirmed by the acting president of the New York City Transit Authority, Sarah E. Feinberg.

It does no injury and the operation to allow people to leave the cars ran smoothly, according to NBC.

“For the moment, we think that this is an isolated incident, but I am launching a full investigation and, as a precaution, the entire fleet of R179 is removed from service until further notice. We have redeployed cars extra spare and impacts minimal on the service are provided”, said Ms. Feinberg, by issuing a press release.

“This is the last problem to be unacceptable with a car R179 Bombardier”, she continued, saying that the cars from Bombardier Transportation will not be returned to service “without certainty and validation that all cars are fit for passenger service, point final”.

In the beginning of the year, 298 new metro cars from Bombardier Transportation had been removed temporarily to the rails for reasons of safety, particularly after two incidents, one of which related to the opening of the doors during the movement of a train.

Bombardier Transportation had pointed the finger at their supplier of doors following the problems of last January.

In may 2019, other problems had been reported on the metro cars R179, built at Plattsburgh, in the State of New York, this time about the defects of solder pillars of structures used to protect the drivers in case of an accident.

The controller of the City of New York, Scott Stringer, had highlighted that the transport authorities had taken three years of delay with respect to the contract with Bombardier Transportation, which had helped to inflate the invoice for the supply of these equipment belts.Note that the French Alstom announced the acquisition of the division, Bombardier Transportation conglomerate, quebec Bombardier in February last. This transaction, however, has not yet been finalised.

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