“Other times, other customs,” said Robert Poëti

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“Overall, from all parties : other times, other customs, other laws”, hammered Robert Poëti.

“All the political parties of the practices that we now consider [as] doubtful. “


Such was the reply of the government Couillard, still immersed in the lurch Wednesday, because this time of revelations about lavish receptions organized by the ex-treasurer of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP), Marc Bibeau.


“All the political parties of the time were doing it “, defended the prime minister Philippe Couillard. “It was in the mores,” said minister Kathleen Weil, a few moments after having mentioned, in the Room, these practices ” that are now being considered [as] bad “.


The message was repeated by the liberal troops. “Overall, from all parties : other times, other customs, other laws “, hammered Robert Poëti. “It attaches great importance to it, especially that it happened 15 years ago,” quipped his colleague, Pierre Arcand.


On Tuesday, The Journal de Quebec revealed that Marc Bibeau has organized seven luxurious receptions in which several members of the government of Jean Charest and patrons of firms of engineering.


See the liberal Pierre Reid and Pierre Arcand, react to the revelations.



The prime minister, who was Health minister at the time, participated. “It was a social event. Me, I was there present, and this was nothing other than encounters between people “, he insisted. “He has not passed any type of business conversations “, has also attested to Peter Reid, a guest in the period when he was minister of Education.


The opposition parties did not miss the occasion to attack the government Couillard. “I’ve never seen such a thing ! Half of a Council of ministers that goes into a private property to meet with engineering firms “, exclaimed the mp pq Pascal Bérubé. “This is clearly a government under the influence, the influence of money “, he added.


“I think that Quebecers are disgusted by what we are taught once again on the advice of ministers, parallel, about a man who, obviously, with the money, bought undue influence in the government of Québec “, said the mp caquiste Eric Cairo. “It is clear that it is a minister of $ 100,000, from the era of the Charest and was at the centre of it all,” said the mna Amir Khadir about Philippe Couillard, who lack according to him of ” political judgment “.

Tax cuts for

Québec taxpayers will benefit in the short-term tax cuts, the importance of which will be known during the presentation of the next economic update from the government Couillard, the minister of Finance, Carlos Leitão, next Tuesday. This will be an opportunity to reduce the tax burden of Quebecers, has been agreed by the minister Leitão, during a media scrum Wednesday. The reductions in personal income tax announced then that could even be substantial, but the minister has refused to provide figures. “Quebecers are going to have a relief in their tax burden. For the details of this important tax relief, it will have to wait for the 21 November “, he commented.

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