Ottawa: accused of having urinated in an Uber

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    Saturday, 12 August 2017 16:12

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 16:14

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    OTTAWA-A resident of Ottawa still can’t understand why a driver for Uber was accused of having urinated in his vehicle.

    On his account Facebook, the woman explained that Uber had charged a surcharge of $ 150 for a cleaning fee after a race this week.

    Crystal Grierson and his girlfriend have decided to use the car pool service after attending a fireworks show in downtown Ottawa on Wednesday night.

    When she contacted the service Uber, the next day, after having received the invoice, it was learned that she had urinated on the back seat, with photo support.

    It refutes categorically.

    “I asked for a survey and Uber told me that I would not be refunded, even if I haven’t urinated in the car, she wrote Thursday on his page in Facebook. I am really shocked and I am angry that someone can get scammed so easily.”

    The woman, who has done a research on the internet, argues that it is not the first to make it this way.

    Comments on his testimony also report such practices.

    Saturday, she was always the hope that, following the media coverage of its history, the company reimburses the amount of $150.

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