Ottawa still does not plan to tax Netflix, says Morneau

The federal government still has no intention of imposing a tax on Netflix because it would penalize middle-class Canadians, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Sunday.

Mr. Morneau’s statement comes two days after Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said she did not agree to exempt Netflix from the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly, reiterated Friday that it was up to Finance Minister Bill Morneau to decide whether Netflix should be subject to the GST, like the others. She also said “hear what is happening in Quebec” about the need to offer content in French and to be fair to all. And she also said she was ready to report this “reaction” to her fellow federal ministers.

It seems that his words fell on deaf ears as Minister Morneau insisted that the federal government will not change its policy towards Netflix.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeated in the past that he categorically rejected imposing a tax on Neftlix.

The Minister of Finance of Québec, Carlos Leitão, said Sunday that he intended to talk to Mr. Morneau during Sunday’s game and Monday in Ottawa.

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