Ouest-France: the American betrayal in Syria has increased the chances of revival of the IG

Withdrawal of American troops from Syria was a betrayal of US allies and gift for authoritarian leaders in the region, writes Ouest-France. As the newspaper notes, the Turkish attack on the Kurds that began with the consent of the United States, significantly increased the chances of revival of the “Islamic state”. The task of eliminating this threat rests on the shoulders of the Europeans who find themselves in a rut from which they will not be easy to get out, the author of the article.

Ouest-France: американское предательство в Сирии повысило шансы на возрождение ИГ

ReutersВ the last three presidential terms, the U.S. is trying to liberate themselves from the Middle East, writes columnist for Ouest-France Laurent Marchand. After George W. Bush had “sown chaos” in the region in 2003, his successors “do not stop to collect Luggage.” Barack Obama even made this goal a Central mission of his presidential term. In the author’s opinion, the US withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 and the rejection of intervention in the Syrian conflict in 2013, indirectly paved the way for the emergence of the “Islamic state”.*

Donald trump has continued this way. His decision to “untie the hands” Erdogan in the North of Syria did not become for anybody a surprise, although its effects are no less devastating, says the browser.

“The decision of the Americans, to oppose which the Europeans could only own helplessness, was both a betrayal of our allies and gift for brutal regimes in the region”, — said the author. In addition, a Turkish attack on Kurdish territory has revived fears about the revival of the “Islamic state”. This, for example, explicitly says ex-US defence Secretary Jim Mattis is one of the rare “worthy of trust” of the interlocutors of the Europeans in the administration trump. “If we do not maintain the pressure, ISIS reborn,” says Mattis. That’s why the French foreign Minister’s hasty sent to Iraq, explains Marchand.

The void left by the Americans, did not escape the attention “of any of the autocrats of the region,” the author notes. Erdogan is the most auspicious moment to “destroy the slightest prospect of autonomy” for the Syrian Kurds. “Bloody,” the leader of Syria Assad not only “escaped” to the conflict, but received an unexpected chance to regain control of vast territories in the North of Syria. The statement of Russia about intention to become a mediator between the Turkish and Syrian armies did not interfere with these plans, says the journalist.

As for Putin, five years ago, he probably could not imagine that Syria would be his opportunity to get such a high diplomatic recognition to the detriment of the United States, notes the browser. “From Riyadh to tel Aviv, all engaged in dialogue with Moscow as a predictable player,” — emphasizes Marchand. At the same time as Saudi Arabia and Israel — the country receives from the U.S. the largest number of weapons, do not hide their concern with the unreliability of the statements of the us ally.

As to France, she, like Britain, is forced to admit that American treachery has significantly reduced its influence in the region. Now Paris is forced to solve the problem of urgent order: to relocate troops and try to reduce the risks from ISIS. In the opinion of the columnist, today the West is paying for old mistakes. Since 2011, the desire to overthrow Assad overshadowed for Europeans a more complex reality of the changing balance of power caused by the departure of the Americans. Today France was in a rut from which it would be difficult to get both in humanitarian and strategic terms, and in terms of safety, concludes Marchand.

* “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.

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