Our appliances with care

Nos électros aux petits soins

The confinement is hard on our appliances, especially the stove and oven that are asked a lot of overtime the past few weeks.

Maintenance of the exterior of our devices

Usually water mixed with a few drops of dish soap and a microfibre cloth is sufficient to clean the surface of all our devices.

Remove fingerprints on stainless steel

Clean the appliances with warm water and a soap. Dip a sponge into the soapy water and dry quickly using a microfiber cloth.

Water Perrier has cleansing properties. Many are the restorers who give a helping of cloth soaked in this water with lemon to clean and remove the traces of fingers on their devices at the end of the day.

A microfiber cloth moistened with a few drops of rubbing alcohol, a chamois or a glass cleaner are also effective.

Observe the surface of the stainless steel and find the direction of the grain. You will notice small lines. Clean in the direction of these stripes so that the devices retain a flawless appearance.

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To be avoided on stainless steel

  • Bleach
  • The vinegar
  • Cleaners containing ammonia and scouring powders
  • The sponges and rags that could scratch the devices.


Clean the top of the cooker and the ceramic hob after cooking, while it is still warm and the stains are still fresh. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Instead, opt for a cream cleanser and a sponge so not to scratch the surface.

Cleaning the oven

If you need to remove only a few dirt stuck in the oven, sprinkle the stains with baking soda or soap granules for dishwasher. Cover with a paper towel wet with warm water. Leave to work overnight before washing the oven with a soap and warm water.

The oven door

I did the test, after you have sprayed the shaving foam on half of the door of an oven grimy, I let the product act for about fifteen minutes. A sponge with a slightly abrasive has allowed me to pull in a few seconds the food stains darkened and the spots on the glass of the oven without the use of other products. A good cleaning with no effort !

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I tested the all purpose cleaner with antibacterial properties on my appliances and I cleaned my fruits and vegetables with their dishwashing soap with hints of mint green. Quite satisfied with the outcome while minimizing my ecological footprint by buying local.

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3 tips that are amazing

  • If a reversal occurs in the oven, sprinkle with the salt. Let it cool and it will be easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, this cleaning will eliminate the smell of burning.
  • To remove a stain cooked and tough on the plate of the stove, use your medicare card or your credit card expired, which become scrubbers to be effective.
  • If a felt-tip pen or a pen forgotten in a garment has left some marks on the inside of the dryer, clean the spots with a small cloth soaked in nail Polish remover to nail Polish. Finish cleaning with a damp cloth and allow to dry before operating the dryer.

5 solutions to counteract the smell in the washing machine

Leave the lid or the door open after each wash to promote good evaporation of the humidity. You can sprinkle baking soda, which will dissolve during the next washing, without damaging clothing.

Fill the vessel with hot water. Add a litre (4 cups) of white vinegar. Let it run the normal cycle. This brewed without clothing may dislodge the soap is dried, and the residues that are a source of bad smell.

Clean the filter central the washing machine, the nooks and crannies of the machine, the trays for the detergent and fabric softener with a toothbrush and white vinegar.

Pull the tape rubberised of the machine. The mold and dirt that accumulate there. Dislodge them with a toothbrush and very hot water or a paper towel soaked in hot water and white vinegar.

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