Our choice this evening

Of ministers and a candidate


There is nothing like a ministerial reshuffle to power the inconvenient of the info… Also in the program, a meeting with the candidate for mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plant.

Infoman, Radio-Canada, 19: 30


Eight, it was not enough…


We have discovered a family of “ordinary” strong endearing eight children in the documentary Welcome to the Groulx. The back, now with a small 9th, for a documentary series that follows them in their daily lives. It may help to put into perspective our small miseries family…

A year in Groulx, Channel Life, 20 h


The influence of the songs


This documentary series produced for CNN is interested in the influence of events and historical phenomena american or western about the creation of certain popular songs, or the contrary. We learn by singing. The first episode is about the Vietnam war and the tragic event at Kent State University.

These songs, which have made the history, Canal D, 21 h

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