Our choice this evening

Pretender to the round ball (bis)


You slipped a word of this novelty in this same section yesterday by mistake. Mea culpa : it is rather this evening that is aired the first episode of this drama sports behind-the-scenes of a professional soccer team in montreal…

21 Thunder : the team of thunder, Vrak, 20 h


The end of the season, following


Two other works of fiction take leave this evening. Beatrice and her entourage will be returning for a final season in January, while it will be possible to see the 2nd season of Blue Moon as soon as next Wednesday on AddikTV.

To the rescue of Beatrice, followed by Blue Moon, VAT, from 20 h


“The art of kompromat


The program this evening, a story on a technique developed by the KGB) to silence political opponents, journalists, and others : the ” kompromat “, which consists of filming people in secret, and to disseminate the images (more or less rigged), or to threaten to do so…

Special envoy, TV5, 20 h

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  • TYLUTANIC Browne

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