Our couple from Québec arrived in California

Notre couple de Québécois est arrivé en Californie

Finally arrived in California, truckers québécois Sébastien Desaulniers and Marie-Christine Merchant, enjoying a well-earned rest… which they would, however, be well spent.

After you have spun at high speed on the roads of Alberta, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada in recent days, they have finally crossed the California border. The mega-firm of Mira Loma, where they must retrieve a precious cargo of fresh fruit and vegetables destined for grocery stores in quebec is only three hours away.

But they have stopped net in Barstow, in the middle of the desert, because the firm in question is not ready to receive it before tomorrow.

“We don’t move by then,” they explained in the Journal, on board of their truck.

Four days ago, the couple of truck drivers from Trans-West is gone from the borough of Lachine, in Montreal. Since then, they take turns at the wheel, driving 12 hours each.

Yesterday, they have crossed ” that 1275 miles “, knowing that they would have to wait.

“This is a big client, and it is never easy to get an appointment. We are lucky in our bad luck, because it will enable us to rest and be in shape for the rest of the trip [which should bring them back in Quebec], ” says Ms. Merchant.


Still, you can feel their nervousness at the end of the wire. How will unfold the gathering planned in the morning ? “It’s going to be a surprise,” said Mr. Desaulniers.

A truck stop in Texas thank truck drivers for their work during the pandemic.

“I look forward to see if they will let us into the warehouse with the truck to supervise the loading,” adds his wife, who made the road with him for seven years.

In passing through Salt Lake City, the capital of the u.s. State of Utah, 900 km from here, the duo was struck again by the empty streets.

“We were there a little after dinner, it would have had to be crowded. But it was desert. Throughout the town there are signs to “Stay healthy, stay at home”, ” notes Ms. Merchant.

No traffic

The highways also have been completely abandoned by motorists. Rest of many truck drivers.

“One does not complain, as a truck driver, with no traffic it is well !” exclaimed she.

Other aspects of the journey are, however, less pleasant.

“When you cross someone, everyone makes a side step to avoid the most possible “, adds Mr. Desaulniers.

They also found that the crates of water bottled were now rationed to one a trucker at truck stops.

-With the collaboration of Jean Balthazard, QMI Agency

Day 4

  • 6413 km : Distance covered since the start
  • 4587 km : Distance remaining to browse
  • 1275 km : Distance travelled yesterday
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