Our friends the animals

Nos amis les animaux

Who has not cracked a moment before a video chat ? This global phenomenon softened and joining in. It is not surprising that fiber of animals is also present on our airwaves. These emissions have never been so popular.

We educate them, save them or coax them, when one owns a pet, it becomes a fully-fledged member of our family. He gives joy, he makes us laugh and never judge, it soothes when we caress, we takes shape when one walks, it awakens or maintains our sense of responsibility, appreciate our presence.

In this period, anxiety-provoking, our animals are a source of comfort. In this context, some programs animal and help to improve the relationship we have with them.

As do the babies, the animals would activate the production of dopamine, also called hormone of happiness. This is why the plight of animals causes our emotions. Difficult to remain insensitive to their vulnerability. This explains also the success of Shelter animals andA zoo like no other, two quality productions that prove that human contact and empathy in respect of the animal can make a big difference.

Emissions that have the dog !

Rescue animal

A new docu-reality filming will resume at the end of the confinement. We will follow Isabelle Vachon-Girard, Eric Dussault and their squad then they will be the rescue of animals in different circumstances, perilous.

The team even visited Australia in January during the terrible fires that have ravaged entire forests.

► Dissemination to come to VAT

Shelter animal

One of the broadcasts that began the trend. Stéphane Had done a fantastic job of accompanying the employees of a shelter in their challenges of daily life.

The animals received or survivors, of the care which they are provided, the meetings for adoption, and the grief also.

► Thursday, from 7 may to 20 h at CASA

The hairy

A large plateau, facilitated by the veterinarian Sébastien Kfoury. A talk-show fun, where the animals are the real stars. Personalities loved come to discuss the relationship they have with the little beasts, while discovering a plethora of information on the species highlighted.

► Sunday 19: 30 on 17 may on Here the Radio-Canada Tv

► Tuesday, 18 h 30 on Ici Explora

We love dog

The dog trainer Jean Lessard encounter dog owners who wish to improve a canine behaviour. Fido barks always, Fifi peed in the living room, He eats the sofa, Corporal bites, John takes the time to meet the master and companion to offer advice and returned the visit in order to see progress.

► Wednesday, 16: 30 Here on the Explora

100 % Animal

Anaïs Favron has inspired this educational programme, presented in the form of information bulletin. We discover, here in the studio and through the stories of more common species such as lobster, or the dwarf rabbit, but also exotic species such as the alligator, the lion, the scorpion or the phalanger flying.

► Monday to Friday at 11 p.m. on Télé-Québec

A zoo like no other

This docu-reality we quickly conquered. Emily and Clifford are the owners of the zoo, Miller, who welcomes the animals released, “imperfect” or end-of-life and education to the population. They are doing a great work. They open their doors to animals from around the world. A third season is planned.

► Excerpts available at the vat.ca

Mission zoo

A little sister’s success in A zoo is not like the others. We find Laura, a 15-year-old intern at the zoo, Miller, while she takes care of the precious residents. The members of the zoo that accompany are as the small history of the animal, its personality and care to offer him.

► Saturday and Sunday 16: 30 on Yoopa

The refuge of hope

In the same line, this docu-reality focuses to Hope Swinimer, which was founded in Nova Scotia, a refuge for animals in trouble. It follows the work of his team with seals, beavers, eagles and other wild animals.

► Sunday, 12 pm on Here Explora

A season at the zoo

A jump on the side of France in the zoo of The Arrow, as it follows the keepers and veterinarians, as well as park officials, employees and trainees. Carnivores, herbivores, aquatic animals, primates are housed. It even has an asian region that is home to rare species.

► Sunday 18 h at TV5

No more stupid than we

Comedian Jeremiah Larouche anime this magazine youth a little crazy that we can all learn a wealth of information on the animals. In staging, comical in which Jeremiah turns, it offers us facts, unusual and unknown.

► Monday 16: 30 p.m. on U.s. tv

Veterinary hospital

A foray into the heart of different veterinary hospitals across the country. Here, one seeks the cause of itching in guinea-pigs, one rule of the teething problems of a cat, we witness open-heart surgery of a dog or eye problems of a horse.

The first lodges of gentle care to improve the quality of life of the animals.

► www.tv5unis.ca

The vet Bondi

This docu-reality australian inspired the genre and several derivatives arising in different territories. We follow the vet’s Chris Brown’s interventions with domestic animals, but sometimes from more exotic, in a setting often enchanting.

► Thursday, 12 h and 19 h at the Casa

Louis and the urban wildlife

We have gradually encroached on animal territory by expanding our cities. It is not surprising therefore that it has to coexist with certain species. Here, Louis Larose, an expert in urban wildlife, is called to move the animals that can wreak havoc in you. Raccoons, woodchucks and skunks are waiting for you.

► Thursday, 18 h 30 on Us tv


Pascal Morrissette hosted a variety show (presented this winter to VAT) which features the animals that have a talent or a special charm. In each episode, two artists and six animals are received on the tray. These must we be charmed to win a friendly competition.

► Available in video-on-demand

Dog Tales, animal shelter

It follows Danielle and Rob, owners of a shelter for dogs, and a sanctuary for horses in Ontario. They are called to respond to problems of abuse and overcrowding from different organizations in America.

► Wednesday, 19 h-Channel life

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