“Our heart told us to go help them,”

«Notre cœur nous a dit d’aller les aider»

A man and his wife have acted as true heroes, by feeding volunteers the 47 residents of a residence to the South Shore of Montreal, while the vast majority of the employees of the establishment, including the cooks, were missing.

On Saturday, the residence Our Lady of Victory, Saint-Hubert, had only three employees : a head nurse, a woman to drugs, and the man, Alain Gauthier.

“There was even more cooks. One has been placed off work, the other fell ill and it was known recently that he was positive to the COVID, ” says Mr. Gauthier.

Mission impossible

Friday afternoon, at the request of the owner of the establishment, man has attempted to find a caterer who is capable of providing meals for 47 residents to fill the absence of the cooks before the weekend.

A “mission impossible” to achieve in such a short period of time.

“My wife and I, we said that we could not let all these people do not eat during the end of the week. Our hearts told us to go help them, ” said the man, aged 55 years.

Armed with protective clothing, gloves and masks, the two good samaritans were cooked and served in a volunteer every meal of the week-end.

A duty

Shepherd’s pie, homemade pizza, croissants with ham, salad with potato and chicken thighs, Mr. Gauthier and his wife, Pamela Scott, have put “lots of love” in their meals.

Pamela Scott

“We thought our parents. If it had been them who were caught in this situation-there, one would have wished that someone proposes, as it was “, lance-t-il.

Even if they knew that the virus was spreading inside the walls of the residence, cooks improvised have dark, considering that it was their duty to do so.

The couple, photographed yesterday, believes that it was his duty to help these residents.

“It has taken on us, it is put at risk because they had to help these people. He had to reassure the families, we had no choice, ” says Alain Gauthier, who works at the residence for five years.


The CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre found that 44 of the 47 residents were suffering from the COVID-19 without knowing it. Eight of them were hospitalized, emergency Sunday.

If Mr. Gauthier acknowledges that the situation at the residence Our Lady of Victory is deplorable, it wishes to emphasise that the establishment was a place held up well.

“I can tell you that before this episode, the residents were blessed, as in a five star hotel,” he says, in the hope that we are not throwing the stone to the health workers.

According to him, it is “unfair” to compare Our Lady of Victory at the CHSLD Herron, Dorval, where 31 seniors have lost their life.

“It is terrible to see that people have pointed to the residence like that by saying that the employee had deserted. They were sick, they have not abandoned the residents ! “, proclaims the one who said they want to empty the heart.

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