Out the trailer for the dramatic documentary about Serena Williams

Serena Williams with her daughter

With the birth of daughter Alexis Olympia in the life of Serena Williams began a new phase to drastically change everything. It was around this momentous event in the life of the legendary tennis players and focuses documentary HBO called “to Be a Serena” (Serena Being).

As pregnancy and child birth affected the athlete that she felt when he was forced to leave the court, whether he plans to retire from the sport at all (of course not) — these and many other questions Serena meets in the film, whose trailer has appeared today in the network.

God, how am I going to play?

it was the first question that Williams asked myself when I found out about the pregnancy. And the daughter is in principle forced to question his future in tennis:

I very much assumed. I just want to be sure that I’m the best. Don’t know if there’s anything left for me to do anything in tennis. But before I leave,

— Serena admits.

Serena Williams. Frame from the documentary “to Be Serena”

Serena Williams. Frame from the documentary “to Be Serena”

Alexis Ohanian with my daughter. Frame from the documentary “to Be Serena”

The film will tell about a difficult birth which led to serious health problems, and you will see Serena’s relationship with her husband Alexis Ohanian, culminating in a luxury wedding, ended last fall.

The film will take place on 2 may.

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams the day of the wedding

Daughter Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

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