Outbreak in Îles-de-la-Madeleine: Public Health reconsiders its version and apologizes

Outbreak in Îles-de-la-Madeleine: Public Health reconsiders its version and apologizes

After creating a shock wave in the Magdalen Islands by announcing that a party was at the origin of an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Bistro Plongée Alpha, Public Health has returned to its version of the facts.

“It created a commotion in the Islands. We are a small community and when something happens everyone is aware. It could have completely ruined the business, ”laments the owner of the establishment, Mario Cyr.

The owner of Bistro Plongée Alpha, Mario Cyr

Saturday, the regional director of public health, Dr. Yv Bonnier-Viger, had indicated that an outbreak having made “at least three cases” had occurred at the Bistro Plongée Alpha following a party. A statement that had vigorously denied the manager of the restaurant, Mylèna Cyr.


However, after having made “verifications” Sunday morning, Dr. Bonnier-Viger conceded having perhaps overinterpreted the data.

“In the end, all we have on file is a dinner between at least two of the employees, after September 19. Strictly speaking, therefore, we cannot speak of a party. If I have wronged them, I apologize deeply, ”he said in an interview with Le Journal .

“But hey, the fact remains that the virus did not fall from the sky. They will have to look at their procedures to ensure that they do not end up with the same problem, ”continued the regional director of public health.

“Not normal”

Informed of the change of tone of the health authorities concerning the outbreak in his establishment, Mario Cyr said he was satisfied, but retains a certain bitterness.

“It is not normal for a system like that to make this kind of error without verification,” he laments.

“We put in thousands of dollars to protect our customers as much as possible. To have a public health director tell us that at the very end of our season is like saying that we were irresponsible. We cannot touch our integrity like that ”, adds the one who is also a diver and a filmmaker recognized in the region.

Moreover, the latter once again denies the words of Dr. Bonnier-Viger concerning the outbreak which would have rather erupted after a dinner. “It's not even true, there hasn't been any such encounter.”


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