Outbreak that’s expected and warned Putin: the COVID-19 in Russia

Flambée attendue et mise en garde de Poutine: la COVID-19 en Russie

Moscow | Russia reports this week of the increases in day-to-day record of all cases of COVID-19 and feared an outbreak in the next few days, in Moscow in particular.

Here are five things to know about the spread of the epidemic in the greatest country in the world.

Moscow, main foyer

Russia had identified Tuesday officially 21.102 cases of coronavirus (+2.774), and 170 deaths (+22). Moscow, with its 12 million inhabitants, is the epicentre of the outbreak, with 13 000 patients, of whom 6000 are hospitalized.

The rate of growth daily in Russia stood at 16-18% for several weeks, but some areas are experiencing levels much more strong, like the one surrounding the capital (+36,4% on Monday, +24,8% on Tuesday).

The deputy prime minister responsible for the file, Tatyana Golikova, said to expect “this week and the beginning of the next” spread accentuated the Covid-19 in Moscow.

Among the 74 major outbreaks russians, 55% are in institutional care. The republic of Komi, yet isolated in the far north, has experienced a surge among its million of inhabitants because of contamination in the hospital environment. The morbidity rate stood Monday at 24.6 per 100,000, double the national average.

Two isolated regions remain unaffected, the Altai mountains, Siberia, and the Choukotka (extreme north-east).

Putin warns

At the beginning of march, Mr. Putin claimed that a situation under control, and clutched the hands of his guests. Things have changed since then.

He acknowledged on Monday that the epidemic peak was not reached, that the change was “a step in the best direction.” “We have a lot of problems, there isn’t anything to boast”, he let go.

Mr Putin has ordered to prepare for “all scenarios, even the most serious and the most extraordinary.” In this capacity, he has asked the army to stand ready to intervene.

Hospitals ready or dilapidated buildings ?

Russia aims 95 000 beds dedicated to sick of the COVID-19 for a budget of 33 billion rubles ($410 million euros).

But the figures are contradictory as to the number of beds ready: the ministry of Health advance 30%, when Ms. Golikova considers it already to close to 50% with 45, 000 beds.

The government also claims to have 40 000 respirators, but it did not detail their distribution on the territory and their state.

The opposition, including the union of doctors supported by the black beast of the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, has never ceased to denounce the dilapidated state of the hospital facilities, the lack of equipment and means of protection such as masks.

Mr. Putin has finally admitted Monday the existence of such shortages without encrypting them.

The side tests, Russia claims 1.3 million samples analyzed by 254 laboratories, public and 18 private. But their effectiveness is questionable: in Moscow, it has admitted a margin of error of 20%.

Containment variable geometry

Most regions have ordered a total containment or part-of the inhabitants.

Moscow and its region plans have the most farms: the economy has been shut down except for vital sectors such as food shops. A pass system was introduced this week and heavy fines will be imposed on the refractory.

Elsewhere in Russia, it is a variable geometry, and the vice-first minister, Golikova was upset with Mr Putin, calling for “efforts rigorous”.

Economy affected

No economic statistic has not yet been published, but the small and medium-sized businesses are suffering.

According to studies, half of them have lowered wages, 16% have laid off staff and 9% think they will be bankrupt within the year. Tourism and catering are among the sectors most affected.

The purchasing power of the Russians should also be affected by the expected rise in inflation, a result of the fall in the price of the ruble, himself a victim of the dive in the price of oil.

The Court of auditors considers that the number of unemployed people will rise by 2020 from 2.5 million to 8 million.

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