Outbreak “very important” at CHSLD LaSalle

Éclosion «très importante» au CHSLD LaSalle

Another ltc facility is affected by an outbreak it is “very important” to COVID-19 in the greater Montreal area.

The Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) confirms that eleven cases of coronavirus were reported at CHSLD LaSalle, in the west of the island of Montreal. Other residents are still waiting for their results.

All persons who received positive results have been placed on the same floor of the hotel.

Employees in quarantine

Employees who have been in contact with the positive cases also had to be quarantined. The FIQ of the West Island of Montréal does not, however, the number of workers under surveillance now.

The union that represents nurses, argues that its members are now afraid to go to work.

“Last week, there was anxiety, but since this weekend, it is much more than the anxiety, and the people were really scared,” explains Johanne Riendeau, president of the FIQ of the West-of-the-island-of-Montreal.

A CHSLD in the north of the island and another in Laval are also struggling with the COVID-19 at this time.

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