Outside, the old !

Dehors, les vieux !

Yesterday, reading my Journal, I almost choked and spit out my espresso in the morning.

In a folder on the reopening of the theatres after the déconfinement, one commenter suggested prohibiting the entry of the rooms to people over the age of 65. I only have one word to say :



Patrick Levy, owner of the Olympia of Montreal, said that, given that the old are the most vulnerable to the COVID-19, one only has to keep them out.

Ah yes, it does away with the old and paf, a magic wand, it eliminates the problem of the spread ?

And after that we go to do what ? We will install scales at the entrance of the cinemas to prevent people who have a body mass index that is too high to enter… saw that the obese are more at risk in the face of the COVID-19 ? And the diabetics, and heart, and all those that have the immune system to tv ?

On its face, this idea is absurd. We card young people for entry to bars because alcohol is bad for their health. If we map the old because the social contact is bad for their health, it will also need to block all those who do not have a health check-up is flawless.

We get rid of the old, large, sick, and it is of small shows between young healthy people ?


If you have frequented the theatres, you know that the white heads are in the majority in several areas.

Concerts of classical music ? Old !

Of the opera ? Old !

The summer theatre ? Old !

In the museums ? Old itou !

So if we follow the idea of Mr. Levy, if we map the old to over 65 years of age, there are complete rooms… which will be empty.

This week, at QUB Radio, I interviewed Denise Filiatrault, artistic director of the Théâtre du Rideau-Vert. I asked her what solutions she had in mind for that the theatre can return to almost normal. His solution : make parts with only two characters, in order to maintain social distancing on stage. It flakes indeed, at this moment the entire directory to locate the best pieces that meet this criterion.

But I think of it ! Ms. Filiatrault just turned 89 years old… According to the Police of Old, she will have the right to return to his theatre ? Will it be carter at the entrance ? Or will she be told : “Outside, the old ! “?


I’m not always a fan of the statements of Marie-Chantale Toupin, but she was raised Wednesday on Facebook, (WITHOUT the USE OF upper case letters), a good question : “Why is it that we can fill a plane if it was a mask, but we do not have the right to fill a theatre or a cinema hidden ? “.

Indeed. A plane trip often lasts far longer than a concert or a play. If I can do Montreal-Paris in a box of sardines, wearing a mask, why can’t I go play Mario Tessier, hidden behind my mask ?

This trip-there is a lot more funny.

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