Ovarian cancer: what signals warn him about

Рак яичников: какие сигналы предупреждают о нем

Arising, ovarian cancer remains undetected for a long time – this is his particular deceit. The first signals the body’s non-specific about it: it may be frequent urination or bloating.

Рак яичников: какие сигналы предупреждают о нем

When ovarian cancer is diagnosed by doctors (usually a gynecologist), he often manages to check other organs for the spread of the disease. It is often called a “silent killer” because in most cases the disease is unnoticed in the lives of women.

Ovarian cancer usually grows from the surface of ovarian cells and progenitor cells cancer of the fallopian tubes. The reason healthy tissue begins to degrade and form a tumor is a mystery to doctors. Ovarian tumors usually grow for a long time and are among the cancers with the lowest cure rates.

Therefore, says  one of the world’s leading cancer experts Dialed Sehouli, every woman needs to know about diagnosis and prevention of this disease., that’s why you should visit your local gynecologist for more information and regular check ups.

At what age are women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In most cases, the disease occurs after menopause. The average age of women who have detected this cancer, according to the German cancer society, is 62. But occasionally, malignant ovarian tumors can occur in adolescence.

What affects the likelihood of ovarian cancer. According to Galida Sehouli, about 10% of all cases of colon cancer plays a role hereditary predisposition to the development of disease are mutations in the gene BRCA.

It is also known that this diagnosis is often linked to the hormonal therapy after menopause.

What are the warning signals of the development of ovarian cancer. Possible symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

“Typical of this type of cancer symptoms such as abdominal pain or bloating, and frequent urination in many cases are misunderstood. The result: at the time of diagnosis of ovarian cancer, in three out of four women has already affected other organs and tissues,” said the German gynecologist.

What are the chances of a cure for ovarian cancer. It depends on several things. These include, for example, biological characteristics of the tumor and the General condition of the patient.

“That’s why it is always good to invest more in their health, follow a healthy diet and exercise, not to smoke,” advises Dialed Seculi.

How to protect yourself from ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, there is not a universal recipe yet. This important subject is dealt with in various studies. For example, a study conducted in Sweden involving more than 61 thousand women, found that two or more cups of green tea a day can lower the risk of ovarian cancer. Australian scientists, in turn, found that the protective effect against this type of cancer give broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower — these cruciferous vegetables contain glycosides of mustard oil, which kill certain cancer cells.

In addition to nutrition, scientists have identified other factors that can potentially reduce the risk of disease. These include, among other things, birth control pills, frequent pregnancy and breast-feeding: these factors decrease the division of cells in ovarian tissue and, thus, lower the risk of degeneration of cells.


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