Ovarian cyst treatment herbs at home

Киста яичника — лечение лекарственными травами в домашних условиях

Many women, after learning about the diagnosis of “ovarian cyst”, panic. There are many questions regarding treatment. Consider the problem in more detail, in particular, will focus on the treatment of ovarian cysts herbs.

An ovarian cyst is not treated overnight

In the treatment of ovarian cysts herbalists use a variety of medicinal plants. Since it is believed that the disease develops as a result of hormonal imbalance, use a range of herbs to restore balance. Also apply herbs that support vitality of the body and cleansing the liver.+

Herbs will not cure cystic ovary in one night! The duration of treatment of cyst herbs is at least 3 weeks and preferably for at least 6 weeks and even more. Please contact naturopath or knowledgeable herbalists on the choice of natural medicines needed in your case. Also tell your doctor about all herbs you are taking. Below is only a General overview.+

Herbs from ovarian cysts

Milk Thistle balances the hormones

Milk Thistle improves liver condition and normalizes hormone levels.+

Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus castus) hormonal imbalances

For many centuries been used to restore hormonal imbalance in women. Because the ovarian cyst may appear as a result of high blood levels of this hormone, such as estrogen, Vitex helps to reduce the level. Which in turn will prevent the occurrence of cysts.+

Red clover with hormonal disorders

A popular remedy for hormonal disorders. Herbalists often recommend this medicinal plant in the polycystic ovaries. +

Cimicifuga racemosa (black snake root) with irregular periods

Used in Ayurveda in combination with red clover and other herbs restore hormonal balance. Also it is used in irregular menstruation, which may also be the cause of the ovarian cyst.+

Dandelion normalizes the level of hormones

Known as a diuretic. This property helps cleanse the liver, which in turn normalizes hormone levels, excess of which can contribute to the development of ovarian cysts.+

Wild Yam for violation of hormonal background

Contains substances which may be converted to hormones, for example estrogen. If the cause of ovarian cysts is a hormonal disturbance, use cream-based wild Yam, to help him adjust.+

Bee pollen will prevent ovarian cysts

Another Ayurvedic remedy that is used in maintaining the reproductive health of women. It is a good way to prevent ovarian cysts.+

Robert McDowell, a famous Australian herbalist, recommends special floral elixirs of Dr Bach, as a Supplement to the herbal treatment: walnut, wild oat, Impatiens, chestnut and honeysuckle.+

Changes in the diet during ovarian cyst

Preliminary studies performed in Italy revealed an interesting fact. Women who eat a lot of meat and cheese, more likely to develop ovarian cysts than those those products not use. So you should change your diet by adding more fruits and vegetables, or a vegetarian diet to decrease or disappearance of the cyst.+

You can also have a diet which includes fruits, vegetables, garlic, legumes and whole grains. Reducing the amount of sugar and white flour also allows the body to heal.+

Vitamins and minerals in the cyst ovarian

In addition to herbal treatments and changes in diet do not forget about vitamins. There are a number of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the restoration of disturbed hormonal levels. This vitamin E, b vitamins (Flaxseed oil) and magnesium. +

Treatment ovarian cysts herbs

To treat ovarian cysts herbs requires more time than treatment with medications. So, most herbs, like Vitex, restore hormonal balance, not earlier than three months from the start of treatment. And hormonal balance is only the first step in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Therefore, in order to achieve a result in the treatment natural remedies takes time.+

Usually ovarian cyst does not manifest itself and is able to dissolve itself. Often the disease is diagnosed accidentally during ultrasound. But if you suddenly felt a strong pain in the lower abdomen, there was bleeding and had a fever, immediately seek medical help. Despite the fact that in most cases ovarian cyst is not dangerous, these symptoms can indicate a ruptured cyst.+

Conventional treatment of ovarian cysts

Most medical authorities believe ovarian cyst – not a particular cause for concern. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor regarding your health, as everyone has their own individual situation.+

Treatment of ovarian cysts is that both medical and surgical. The choice of treatment depends on the individual case and the nature of the disease. In the course of treatment requires constant medical supervision. This allows you to monitor the status of the cyst, its size and shape.+

Watch out for their health

An ovarian cyst could signal the presence in the body of some hidden disease. Treatment cyst natural remedies will help the body to return to a state of balance. For most women the use of natural means of treatment gives excellent results.

Treatment ovarian cysts herbs helps to restore the disturbed hormonal balance, prevent its growth, to provide you a healthy and happy life. Do not forget to visit the gynecologist. Timely prevention and treatment of disease will help to avoid terrible consequences!

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