Over Ukraine: on Russian TV suspected Germany in preparation for the Third world (VIDEO)

Из-за Украины: на российском ТВ заподозрили Германию в подготовке к Третьей мировой (ВИДЕО)

Upon learning that Germany has decided to increase its defense budget because of the situation in Ukraine, Russian propagandists panicked, seeing this as a prerequisite for a Third world war .

Strange discussion about the possibility of another global conflict started by Germany, broke out between the Russian analyst Dmitry Evstafiev and chief propagandist of the Kremlin by Vladimir Solovyov in the program “Sunday evening” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Merkel said that, so be it, she is ready to raise the defense budget of Germany, because the instability in Ukraine. Where is Germany — where Ukraine is, and why it is necessary in a period not very easy for Germany to raise the defense budget, well, it’s…” — angrily and excitedly spoke in the Studio Evstafev.

His words caused confusion Solovyov, and he began to draw Parallels with the sad events of the twentieth century.

“I do not understand about Ukraine. Ahem ahem. I’m right so coughed, right? I just want to remind you that in the history of the twentieth century these two cases was. I want to say: “How, again?!” — worried about summed up the promoter.


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