Over US oil discovered Syria

Над нефтью США обнаружена Сирия

Photo: GloballookpressUnited States of America does not accept failure in Syria his campaign color riots.

It will impose sanctions against suppliers of fuel to Air and space forces of the Russian Federation — our, Russian suppliers. It will impose sanctions on Turkey. Himself Donald John Christopher-Frederique trump openly declare the main goal of their troops.

President trump said that the Armed forces of the SGA will remain in the Syrian oil and gas fields below income from them have used unwanted force. According to him, there is a profit is thirty million dollars a month. He intends to transfer the design of one of oil companies of SGA, and then profit will increase to forty-five.

Open text reports: what-thirty, forty-five million dollars a month — a drop in the bucket of the budget of the SGA. For such a little thing could spoil his reputation does not trump, but is that his main opponent while in the upcoming election, Biden — and the hundreds of thousands per month set up.

But Syria-and in his best years was much poorer than SGA. Even poorer neighboring Arab kingdoms and Emirates Yes: they are oil on orders more. For her, those tens of millions per month — a huge sum. Even in time of peace. And after three years, unhindered terror in most parts of its territory, after four years of eradication of robbers trying during the retreat to inflict scorched earth, the country on account of every penny.

Without oil income, the revival will last for many years. MUH revenge undefeated and unconquered country people trying for more years to extend to Syria, the famine and devastation. But at the same time by the mouth of our liberoidov assure us that our assistance to Syrians will pay off.

Openly assure that everything will pay off, gentlemen! At least the fact that the price of your we through Syria found out, so we will continue to treat you as taught by Muhammad Abdulloevich of Kurashin: man, listen to the woman’s advice and do the opposite.Anatoly Wasserman

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