Overlord: how the Red army helped the allies to open a Second front

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In the North of France in Normandy on Thursday to remember how 75 years ago was the British-American amphibious operation “overlord”. It is considered the most ambitious in the history. The ceremony is attended by the leaders of Western countries. Arrived and U.S. President Donald trump with his wife Melania. Came 300 veterans participating in the operation. All of them more than 90 years. Talking about the cost of victory on the Normandy coast. The President of Russia at a ceremony there. Although judging by the polls of the newspaper Le Figaro, 80% of the French believe that Vladimir Putin had to invite necessarily. A successful operation would not be at all if not for the offensive of the red army on the Eastern front. It was a personal request from Churchill to Stalin. About our common victory over Nazism – the report of the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Gleb sterhova.

June 6, 1944. The Coast Of France. The allies opened a second front. It was the largest in the history of the landing. Steven Spielberg this operation, the whole film was dedicated and demonstrated how hard times have Americans had in Normandy. Especially in the Central portion of Omaha.

German machine gunners mowed down soldiers as targets in a shooting gallery. Shoots every inch of the beach. Only in the first d-day killed more than 10 thousand people. Such a barrage of fire soldiers from USA, UK, France, Canada and Australia have not met. Most likely, they perished there all, if not for the forced transfer of German forces to the East. Where they occurred the most terrible enemy – the Red army. Her fighters already was the battle for Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Kursk and Stalingrad hell.

“No coincidences in time of war we can not go. When there is an attack on the common enemy, actions are coordinated,” – emphasizes the military expert, historian Boris Yulin.

From landing in Normandy was the code name “D-day” or “Operation overlord” – translated Lord. Everything was possible only for one reason – the Soviet command ensured together with the landing of the allies, the Red army will also go on the offensive.

“Stalin a few days before the landing confirmed its decision – Yes, Soviet troops begin the operation “Bagration” in the second half of June. This was taken into account by the allied commanders. The success of “Overlord” depended on coordination with the Soviet command,” – said the historian Konstantin Zalessky.

But even before the Germans retreated to Western Ukraine. In some parts of the front, Soviet troops threw the enemy back to the state border and the Carpathian mountains. For the Wehrmacht this was the beginning of the end.

“Were transferred to the tank corps of the SS, which was in Northern France, and from there were transferred three to five divisions loose, plus battalions of assault guns, which were prepared in France to fight with the Americans. They were loaded in trains and sent to the Soviet-German front near Ternopil”, – says the candidate of historical Sciences Alexey Isaev.

To perform one of the main objectives of the “D-day” and the move to take Caen, the allies failed. Despite this, the soldiers of anti-Hitler coalition was established on the foreshore to a depth of five kilometers, carrying huge losses.

Two weeks later, on June 22, 1944, begins the operation “Bagration”. The goal is the liberation of Belarus and the Baltic States. USSR attacked from four fronts. At the disposal of the Nazis was a group of armies “Center”. The total number of troops on both sides – 3.5 million people. Equipment and aircraft – about 15 thousand units. It was the Soviet aircraft, according to historians, caused the most damage to the Nazis.

“After the breakthrough of the German columns went to the West, escaping from the encirclement. They heavily bombed the attack,” – said the historian, writer Alexei Isaev.

A big role played in the victory of the Belarusian partisans. Before the operation, blowing up railroads, they have completely deprived the Nazis of supply. During the fighting they methodically destroyed or taken prisoner by the retreating Wehrmacht.
The red army offensive was swift and merciless. On July 3, Minsk was liberated, and by late summer the Soviet troops entered Poland. The German army group “Center” had ceased to exist. The only force in the world could match the Red army was the Red army itself.

On the Second front, the Americans once again stalled. Although the ratio of German troops to the West and East was four to one. The Americans were able to occupy Paris, and that was all. The Germans regrouped. Under the threat of the defeat of Winston Churchill appealed to Stalin with a plea for help.

“You just need to launch an attack not later than Jan. It’s hard for us. Thank you,” Churchill wrote to Stalin.

Stalin again responded. In winter, Soviet troops launched another massive offensive on the Eastern front. How it ended in may 1945, the whole world knows.