Overture Goncharuk

Увертюра ГОНчарука

As you know, yesterday in Mariupol Goncharuk has signed with the Vice-President of the EBRD Pia Memorandum of credit for reconstruction of regional roads for 300 million euros at 5% for 3 years.The money allocated to the roads category T (state values, which are on balance of service of highways).Invented Goncharuk:1. Roads transferred to the regional communal property.2. Receive credit for only those areas that have surplus budgets and can programmirovat the return of communal property.3. The money is lent out at 5% per annum.4. The repayment period of 3 years.What is the result? EBRD vparivaet nepristoinyi at the end of the year money at 5% per annum with repayment in three years under the guarantee of local budgets and communal ownership.Region with plus budgets get not understand why a single tranches at interest rates in foreign currency with short repayment period.And thus forever take the road of national importance without their source of funding.But this is only the Overture to fuck her :)And now the most important thing.The price of one kilometer of roads in the cunt Groisman was the same as left with a good man Goncharuk.That is, in the estimates of road works was founded as a pullback of 10%, and remains to this day, because no one at the government level (obviously intentionally) not reviewed estimates and did not exclude them from corruption.Only instead of Kononenko “looking” for these 10% are now delivered by someone Golik.Now , if you read the news squealing with joy the Prime Minister with the understanding of the causes , it turns out that this conman, is actively pushing the scheme of financing of roads in the credit peddle yet another Scam — how to remove 10% retracement in the cache with the industry , and debts to hang on budgets suckers (GSS).The state forever then get rid of the maintenance costs of these roads from the state budget.And the amount of the rollback will be divided 50/50 between the new and the old fag executors of road works.The dark knight

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