Own secret “I” for the hair: what hair length can tell us about the nature of women

Собственное потаенное «Я» по шевелюре: что длина волос может рассказать о характере женщины

Many women, when faced with a variety of “tipping” moments in life, turn to the services of hairdressers. Change may be not only the usual and natural hair color, but also their length. It is easy to conclude: how short or long your hair says about you too much. It can describe the current state and overall mood. Short hair or lush “mane” women demonstrate to others their own secret “I”, and therefore this detail should be given special attention.

1. Under “boy”

What can you say about the woman with the short hair? The fact that she has little time and even less desire to care for long hair. This length of hair for them is the best option that combines practicality and convenience.+

Women wearing short hair, usually very active and sociable. Besides, it is easy to make a statement about their confidence: short haired women do not hide their faces. The priority for them – work and self-development. They can in difficult situations to maintain composure and to be calm and Mature.+

2. “Bob”

Women, making a a haircut can be considered experiments loving natures. If this short hair combed and placed, we can assume the woman is serious. Hair clips and also easy nail Polish can emphasize insolence. In fact, it is not easy to immediately determine the identity of the woman wearing this hairstyle.+

They can be as down-to-earth, reasonable and trustworthy and spontaneous and looking for adventure. Also worth noting is the honesty and openness of such a lady. They are able to achieve the perfect balance between personal life and career, however, none of the other spectra of life will not remain without attention. Often the owner of the hair to the chin level run into trouble because of reckless actions.+

3. Haircut up to shoulder level

Having a medium length hair women subject to uncertainty and thus (creating a medium-length haircut) away from the challenges of choice and decisions. Indecision often haunts of such persons in other spheres of their life: they may postpone important decisions until the last moment, a fanatical dream. They often need someone who could push them to a specific decision or action.+

However, the elegance and charming appearance trumps these girls and women. They are often surrounded by men and do not suffer from lack of attention from the stronger sex. This contributes to an enviable sociability carriers such hair – such women can easily find friends and build a warm relationship with the people.+

4. Long hair

Women who prefer long hair, characterized by the tendency to a lasting relationship and are sincere in relations with its partners. When it comes to choosing of the elect, that they demonstrate the high level of demand and the marginal intelligibility. However, by choosing him they will be true to the very end.+

If your hair is long, but the edges are slightly cut off in the form of steps, such a woman is ready to compromise. If hair length is the same, for a woman of traditional views on the division of responsibilities between a man and a woman in the family: it is immediately clear who needs to repair valves, and who can fry an egg!+

You should also consider: long hair requires care and time, otherwise it will look disgusting. Therefore, due to its often excessive care of the hair, the wearer of these hairstyles can be adopted by others as a vain person. Girls with long hair characterizes the severity and persistence in achieving goals, which often pays off and brings results. False impressions about the excessive concentration of such persons on their own are really about.+

Did you find anything useful or may be learned in descriptions of yourself or your friend? Surprising! These numerous studies have long been announced the connection of nature and condition of the woman how it is expressed through the hair. So don’t rush to expose yourself to radical change: it is not only your appearance but also your mental state.

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