PACE insist on imposing a moratorium on the death penalty

В ПАСЕ настаивают на введении Беларусью моратория на смертную казнь

“The European standards on human rights prohibit the death penalty under any circumstances” – recalled to Minsk in PACE.”The only way to improve Belarus ‘relations with the Council of Europe” is a term Minsk the introduction of the moratorium on the death penalty, which will be a first step towards its abolition. This is stated in the statement by the General Rapporteur of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the abolition of the death penalty Titus Corlatean published on the website of the Assembly on Tuesday, November 5th.

The document notes that the constitutional court of the Brest regional court on 25 October, the death sentence against Victor Sergile, accused of killing eight-month-old child was the third case in a year when the judicial authorities are resorting to capital punishment. “Regardless of the seriousness of the offence and public interest in the appointment of proportionate sanctions, the European standards on human rights prohibit the death penalty under any circumstances”, – said in a statement.

Corlatean also noted that the sentence Sergiu disappointing because it shows that “the Belarusian judicial system continues to apply the death penalty, despite some abolitionist signals in the political sphere, in particular, from members of the National Assembly”.

The death penalty is applied in Europe only in Belarus

Belarus remains the only country in Europe which retains the death penalty, which is in accordance with the Constitution is used as an exceptional punishment for especially grave crimes, marks “Interfax”. The death sentences against women is not taken.

Relatives of suicide bombers, as a rule, do not report the shooting and do not provide the last date before the execution. In accordance with the Belarusian legislation, the bodies of the executed are not given to relatives for burial and the place of burial not reported. In 2018 in Belarus was handed down 4 death sentences.

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