Pairs of brothers in the Gunners

Duos de frères chez les Canonniers

A duo of brothers playing in the same team always attracts attention, across all sports. When four brothers from two different families carry the same uniform, and this, for the first time in their career as an athlete, the internal competition becomes even stronger.

Talk to Hamelin and to the Patry, which line up this summer with the Gunners Levis in the baseball League’s midget AAA du Québec.

On one side, Mathieu Hamelin, 17 years old, shoulder his little brother Philippe, who lives his first hours in the development network in 15 years. The same age as Matthew, Maximus Patry did the same thing with his brother Boris, a recruit of 15 years.

If this is the first time that every duo family is left with the same training, it is also the first time that the two pairs play together for a summer – Hamelin come from Cap-Rouge and the Patry on the Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval -, to which add a special touch to the thing.

“As this is the first time I play with my brother, he is a little me I can manage when it’s not going well and even when it’s going well,” says Mathieu, a pitcher, in interview to the Newspaper with his other three teammates on the ground, the stade Georges-Maranda, Lévis.

“I try to make it so that it is not too much of a cloud even when it’s going well, if not, it could fart his baloune. That said, I like to play with him, ” he adds, under the approving eye of his brother.

Extra Motivation

On his side, Maximus Patry admits that the presence of his brother the strength to raise her game up a notch.

“We launched, but it was not necessarily games. I play better to be better than him. You don’t want to be the big brother that plays less well than her little brother “, lance-t-he laughed.

And to hear his coach Christian Chénard, this state of mind works wonders for the big boy since the baseball elite has been able to resume its letters of nobility in the province.

“It is our revelation of the year, highlights Chénard. This is our player touching the ball with more authority since the beginning of the season. He was accustomed to play in the third goal, but it performs very well at shortstop since the start of the season. It is really a pillar for us. “

The manager of the Gunners also appreciates that the big brothers play the role of a mentor in its team. He takes the example of Hamelin. “Matthew helps a lot, note Chénard. Often, at the level of behavior, it’s a little bit Matthew two years ago in his rookie year. It has a bit of a character boiling. His brother has the same little character, and since it has a little more experience, he will go to him to talk after a presence at the stick to tell him to calm down. It shoulder a lot and it will help him in his journey. “

Cousins Edward Julien

The Hampton can also take advantage of valuable advice from a member of an organization in major league baseball. Their cousin Edward Julien, who has made the rain and the beautiful time with the Tigers of Auburn in the NCAA, is the hope of the Minnesota Twins.

“I think for both of us, it is a model in the sport, and it is for this reason that we are trying to hit more often with him, has mentioned Mathieu about the one who continues his rehabilitation following surgery to the elbow-type Tommy John which he suffered last August. It will give us the best advice because he has made the path himself and he knows what he’s talking about. ”

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