Pandemic coronavirus: 17 920 deaths in France, an increase of 753

Pandémie de coronavirus: 17 920 morts en France, une augmentation de 753

Paris | The epidemic of coronavirus has killed at least 17 920 deaths in France since the beginning of march, an increase of 753 deaths in 24 hours, said on Thursday the director-general of health Jerome Solomon.

The number of hospitalised patients and patients in intensive care are both again lower (-474, and -209, respectively), indicating that “the circulation of the virus has stabilised at a high level,” said the number 2 of the ministry of Health.

On the death, 11 060 have been made to the hospital and 6860 in medico-social establishments, including a majority of attending nursing homes (Ehpad).

The number of hospitalized patients is declining for the second consecutive day, 31-305, with a negative balance of 474. And that of patients in the icu, in decline since the 9th of April, amounted to 6248, with a negative balance of 209.

This figure still exceeds the number of beds in the resuscitation of which France had before the epidemic (approximately 5000), and despite these “small cuts” several areas are experiencing “always tensions” in the hospital, said Mr. Solomon.

When asked about the passage of a possible “peak” of the epidemic, he repeated that, depending on developments and figures, the situation corresponded to a “plateau,” calling to continue to meet containment and gestures barrier.

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