Pandemic coronavirus: Novak Djokovic opposed to compulsory vaccination

Pandémie de coronavirus: Novak Djokovic opposé à une vaccination obligatoire

Belgrade | The N. 1 in the world Novak Djokovic expressed himself against a possible vaccination against coronavirus to allow the resumption of tournaments, while recognizing that travel would be “the number one challenge” for the tennis players.

“We will have to travel and I think this will be the challenge number 1 (…) The trip will be the main obstacle,” said Djokovic in a conversation with several athletes serbs organized on Sunday in the end of the day on his page Facebook, on the occasion of the orthodox Easter.

“I am the first in the uncertainty. How to do with travel? Me, personally, I’m not one for vaccines. I would not like that someone is forcing me to get vaccinated to travel”, he continued.

About Djokovic, who is also chairman of the board of the players of the ATP, take the opposite view of the former player of French Amélie Mauresmo, who had estimated last month that the tennis tournaments could not be resumed without the development of a vaccine against the COVID-19: “No vaccine = no tennis”, she tweeted.

“If this becomes the rule, the law, what will happen? I should decide if I’m going to submit myself to it or not. For now, I’m of this opinion. I don’t know if it will change,” admitted Djokovic who was speaking from Spain, where it has remained stuck with his family at the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19.

“But what vaccine, if it doesn’t even exist yet?”, he said.

The Serb, winner of the Australian Open in the beginning of the year, was also of the opinion that the tournament would not resume “until September, October”, even if the tennis world is officially off until mid-July at least.

“The season will resume officially at the time where everybody will be 100% sure that people can come, that there is no risk, that people are resistant to the virus, and it will take time”, he said.

According to him, may be played by then tournaments with travel restricted to within a country or a region.

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