Pandemic coronavirus: the number of deaths in Spain at the lowest since march 24

Pandémie de coronavirus: le nombre de morts en Espagne au plus bas depuis le 24 mars

Madrid | Spain was identified Friday 605 dead of the COVID-19 in 24 hours, the lowest figure recorded since march 24, authorities said.

The balance sheet daily decline for the second day in a row in the country after two days of rebound in a row.

In total, 15 843 people have died of the disease in Spain, one of the countries most survivors of the world by the pandemic.

The number of new confirmed cases in 24 hours (more than 4500) has slowed to its share so that the number of tests performed has increased. In total, the confirmed cases in the country, amounted to 157 022.

The number of people healed reached 55.668.

Even if the peak of the epidemic has already been reached, according to the health authorities, the government warned the Spaniards against the risk of a release.

The containment of the most stringent to which is subjected the country since march 14, has been extended until April 25, but the government leader Pedro Sanchez has already warned that it would still be even if some easing would be gradually considered.

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