Pandemic is forcing, Mulan will be released directly on to the small screen

Pandémie oblige, Mulan sortira directement sur le petit écran

LOS ANGELES | The adventures of the warrior chinese Mulan, blockbuster is very much expected of Disney, will not be finally projected in the cinema before going out for streaming in September, as is tradition, has informed the group on Tuesday.

The output of the version in the actual shooting of the famous cartoon had already been postponed three times, movie theatres in the u.s. remaining closed because of the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Mulan will instead be available to subscribers of the platform Disney+ from 4 September, with condition to pay$ 29.99 per additional.

This decision has been described as “unique” by the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek.

Before the pandemic, the movie studios were waiting for traditionally 90 days to release their movies on online platforms after their exit in the room.

The film will be released in all the same room in some countries where the streaming service is not yet proposed, such as in China.

Its production cost is approximately$200 Million.

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