Pandemic: Outbreak of new cases in Melbourne despite the reconfinement

Pandémie: Flambée de nouveaux cas à Melbourne malgré le reconfinement

Melbourne, second city of Australia, reported on Friday of more than 400 new cases of coronavirus, a record since the end of march, in spite of the reconfinement decided there are more than a week.

The authorities of the State of Victoria (south-east), of which Melbourne is the capital, reported 423 new cases in the metropolis of five million inhabitants, and five others, in the rural areas of the State.

The daily total in the State is superior to all the daily figures announced for the country as a whole since the end of march.

“We have not overcome the crisis, on the contrary,” said the Health officer in the State of Victoria, Brett Sutton.

While the vast island-continent was quite able to master before the outbreak, Melbourne has experienced since mid-June, a resurgence of cases.

This new wave has been attributed to breaches of the rules in the hotels where travellers returning from abroad were on their forties.

The five million inhabitants of Melbourne and its suburbs have received last week ordered to remain confined to their homes for six weeks after the failure of measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We hope that the numbers will stabilize next week,” said Mr Sutton.

Other australian States have all closed their borders with Victoria to prevent the spread of the virus.

But many cases of local transmission have been reported in Sydney. An outbreak has been identified in a pub, where they had visited an inhabitant of Melbourne is contaminated. In total, 42 cases were identified as having a relationship with this school.

But the authorities in Sydney reported Friday other contaminations with no obvious link with the pub.

Australia has 25 million inhabitants, has recorded 11 000 cases of coronavirus and 116 deaths.

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