PAP explained why the head of the ruling party in Germany wanted to send troops in Donbass

Рар объяснил, почему глава правящей партии в Германии хотела отправить войска в Донбасс

© RIA Novosti, Alexei vitvitskiy Ursula Von der Leinen and at the head of the ruling German party “CDU”, and during his tenure as Minister of defence occupied a wholly-owned transatlantic position, advocated closer cooperation with the US against Russia. This was told by the German political scientist Alexander Rahr in an interview “the View” on November 13.Earlier, the German publishing house Piper Verlag GmbH published biographies of Von der Leinen the fact that in 2014 it offered to send in the Donbass two reconnaissance drone along with 50 armed paratroopers.

“She really considered such a move as a mission in support of the OSCE. However, she seemed to have forgotten that in Germany there is a Constitution according to the Constitution, such issues are not within the competence of the defense Ministry,” — said the expert.

On the other hand, said the analyst, it is tough statements remain only statements, because the Bundestag has voted in favour of sending German soldiers to the Ukraine, and not vote now for a similar proposal for Syria.

Given the continued PAP that Von der Leinen will assume the office of President of the European Commission from 1 December, we cannot be sure that such a position is she in his new post is not “breaking anything”.

According to him, today there is no state called the European Union, and major decisions about the actions of the Alliance, especially on the world stage, accepted still by the heads of States not by the Commission.
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